Jul 19, 2013

P.O.D. / Flyleaf - Rams Head Live

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July 19, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

Flyleaf set list:  Call You Out, Horizons, Again, Cassie, Perfect, Something Better, Great Love, Fully Alive, Fire Fire, Swept Away, Thread, Well of Lies, Sorrow, All Around, So Sick

P.O.D. set list:  Murdered Love, Lost in Forever, Boom, Set It Off, Panic and Run, Eyes, Roots, Youth, Without Jah, Babylon, On Fire, Beautiful, Alive, Strength, Higher, Satellite

Christian rock aint' what it used to be....the bumble bee costumes Stryper wore back in the day are a far cry from the modern rock that Flyleaf play & the rock/rap hybrid P.O.D. create with combined fan bases for both bands being quite rabid and supportive for the artists onstage yet I don’t quite believe the fan base at this show was 100% Christian based on the amount of alcohol & partying I saw.

We arrived just as Flyleaf were taking the stage and this version of the band features only 2 original members, bassist Pat Seals & guitarist Jared Hartmann. None the less the band churned out a set list that was equal parts new & old with the closer being “I’m So Sick”.

The new material sounded great when Kristen May sang it but as a fan of the band who’s seen former vocalist Lacey Sturm sing those songs many times I have to admit that Lacey owns the older material!

Flyleaf did an ok job considering 1/2 of the band was on leave due to a death in the family and towards the middle of the set Sonny joined the band to sing “Something Better” which sounded pretty cool.

P.O.D. were the nights featured presentation and they brought a big rock show to the mid sized Ram’s Head Live stage with a large drum riser, minimal gear and boat loads o’ energy!

Sonny jumped into the crowd during song #2 in the set to break up a fight which security had a problem resolving and during song #3 in the set Sonny once again jumped into the crowd to sing directly with the audience up front....Sonny is a very hands on frontman who loves mixing it up with the fans both onstage and off and he clearly loves his job!

The bands set included a few reggae styled jams which surprised me because I’d never seen the band heading in that direction before and they invited many of the fans onstage to stand behind them while they played which definitely broke down the barriers between the band and the crowd.

All in all it was definitely a fun show filled with positive energy & good vibes despite a few rifts in the pit.



Author: Bob Suehs