Jul 29, 2013

Ghost / Skeletonwitch - Rams Head Live

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July 29, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Seeing the band Ghost in concert is much like jerking off to a really good porn movie....it’s great for the first 5 minutes but after you climax it’s time to turn that crap off & get on with life!

Skeletonwitch opened the show and their set is best described as metal-thrashing-mad with non stop energy, thunderous drums, blood curdling screams, screeching guitars & booming bass! The bands set was a solid ear drum pummeling which left the crowd sweaty & worn out from the sheer intensity of the bands heavy music.

Randomly the Skeletonwitch lead guitar breaks featured old school Iron Maiden styled sequences which gave the bands music some depth and technical appeal although the bulk of the bands set was strictly straight up in your face thrash metal which rarely let up from the heavy/heavy pace.

Skeltonwitch had a distinctive styling to their music and I give them the thumbs up for playing music that matched the band members looks because once Ghost took the stage I was let down to hear the bands music which did not match their demonic imagery!

Ghost look evil and angry yet their music is somewhere between mid tempo goth rock & hard rock with melodic vocals. The various tempos from song to song sound decent BUT what you realize when experiencing Ghost live is that the bands image IS what they sell themselves on because if they took off the costumes & just came out looking normal NO ONE would really pay attention....I actually found myself bored with their music and after a while I was simply watching the singing skeleton priest prance about without any concern for the music that the band was creating live on stage.

Ghost look cool BUT their music is sadly forgettable.....the sad reality is that the band are nothing more than cool imagery and if they didn’t dress up & deliver a theatrical live show they would be just another forgettable band.


Author: Bob Suehs