Aug 16, 2013

Uproar Tour 2013 - Jiffy Lube Live

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August 16, 2013

Bristow, VA

Jiffy Lube Live

Uproar Tour 2013.....the show rocked but the crowd was lackluster! That’s the best way I can describe the minimal attendance at this show because the venue itself holds way over 20,000 yet there were only 6,000+ tickets sold so the place was far from sold out BUT on the up side there were atleast people there to fill in the place a bit & show the bands some love!

The weather was absolutely perfect and in the low 80’s, cloudy & there was a nice breeze blowing for most of the day which is a stark contrast to many outdoor Summer shows where you sweat your ass off in the blistering sun!

Gates opened at 2 PM and the first band to play on this day was Maryland based Fatally Yours. The band sounded great & it was awesome seeing local boys opening this show....Fatally Yours were followed by Anoxia who also did a good job of kicking off the show with a Maryland flavor!

The first national act was Charming Liars and they have this cool pop sound mixed with hard rock which gives the band a catchy appeal because they are very commercial yet maintain an edge.... I definitely dug their set.

Middle Class Rut were next & I was pleasantly surprised to see that the band is no longer just 2 guys...they have a complete band onstage now with an extra guitarist & bass player....Middle Class Rut owned the side stage area as far as I’m concerned because they rocked it hard, they sounded great, they were heavy/crunchy with a groove that was reminiscent of Jane’s Addiction just a tad....Middle Class Rut was the side stage band to beat on this day!

I’ll admit that my inner Guns N Roses geek had to go and meet Duff McKagan when his band Walking Papers did a signing at the Rockstar tent...there was a small line waiting to meet Duff & company and all I will say is that alot of the GNR fans were there with GNR merch for Duff to sign & he was super cool & signed every item.

Danko Jones were next & their set was 100% absolutely fun because the band plays with passion yet maintains a sense of humor with random banter about 17 hours of oral sex, how to give the proper devil horns sign, etc. It’s interesting because the last time I saw Danko Jones they sounded horrible but this time around they were clear & sounded excellent!

What I will mention about the crowd is that it was small up until the main stage started....for most of the side stage acts you could easily get right up against the barricade with no problems because there was just not that many people there until about after 6 PM.

What band could follow the rock n roll explosion that IS Danko Jones and not look stupid? Beware of Darkness! B.O.D. played a short set that opened with the beginning riffs of “Howl” and the pic I posted with this review captures a quite funny moment when the bands lead singer stepped to the edge of the stage and then turned around to walk back to his mic....the only issue was that he tripped over his monitor & nearly fell face first...luckily he caught himself though & that’s why the bands bass player is laughing in the pic!

New Politics were up next & I can sum up their set in one word....”boring!” New Politics are a hipsters band, they utilized heavy backing tracks & there was no onstage bass player....the band really didn’t fit on this bill and I give them credit for trying to fit in with these bands BUT New Politics were the worst band of the day.

The side stages were ran very tight, the set times were exact, the bands didn’t overlap and you actually had time to see every side stage band if you wanted to. The 2 headliners for the side stage area were Dead Daisies & Walking Papers.

Dead Daisies featured Richard & Dizzy from the nu-Guns N Roses and the band itself had a fun old school rock n roll style that sounded really good. I’ll admit that it surprised me because the bands singer was in a full leg cast & one of his fingers was badly hurt...he was an older gentleman & I didn’t expect him to have any charisma at all but to my surprise the band were solid & they closed with a rockin’ cover of “Helter Skelter”!

Walking Papers closed the side stage area and I won’t lie to you, most people were there simply to see Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses and he probably knew that too...the band itself is a catchy rock band that has mood, attitude & range; they have NOTHING in common with GNR or Velvet Revolver and the sound is a little less in your face & more straight up rock with moody moments. I enjoyed Walking Papers set but the crowd seemed to care more about Duff than seeing the rest of the band.

The main stage kicked off with Circa Survive....I didn’t take pics of them because I wasn’t impressed with their style and for the most part the main stage crowd seemed un-phased as well.

Coheed & Cambria received a great main stage response and they played a chunky set that the crowd seemed to love.

Jane’s Addiction owned the main stage as far as I’m concerned because the bands style, sound & attitude was direct, in your face and just raw compared to say Circa who just didn’t have what Jane’s Addiction had!

“Mountain Song” was 2nd in the set and that song still gives me chills when it starts off with that simple bass line....Perry & Dave are such a lethal combo together & the show could have ended when Jane’s Addiction closed with “Jane Says”.

Alice in Chains were the nights headliner & they were slated to play an hour long set but for some reason they cut 2 songs and ended 10 minutes early. AIC opened with “Hollow” and the stage set up was a giant multi media explosion of TV screens which showed images all over the place & it almost looked like the band were playing inside a giant TV set....Alice in Chains in 2013 is a far cry from what the band was back in 1993!

On Sean Kinney’s bass drum was “LSMS” which stood for Layne Staley / Mike Starr....I thought it was cool that the band gave their fallen members a small spot on the stage like that.

“Got Me Wrong” was the highlight of the bands set and towards the end of the night there was some sort of problem because Jerry thanked the crowd for putting up with all of the “bugs” and towards the end of the set you could clearly see Jerry going to each member of the band & saying “Would?” which meant they were skipping 2 songs & moving to the end faster.

“Rooster” was the show closer and when the band finished up Sean jumped from behind the drum kit & got the hell out of there....when the band took a bow at the end Sean was not there & Mike Inez grabbed a set of Sean's drum sticks to throw in the crowd....the show ended kinda odd but all in all it was a great day for rock n roll.

Author: Bob Suehs