Aug 20, 2013

The Cult / White Hills - The Fillmore

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August 20, 2013

Silver Spring, MD

The Fillmore

The Cult set List: Wild Flower, Peace Dog, Lil' Devil, Aphrodisiac Jacket, Electric Ocean, Bad Fun, King Contrary Man, Love Removal Machine, Zap City, Outlaw, Memphis Hip Shake, Rain, Honey From a Knife, Sweet Soul Sister, Lucifer, Embers, The Phoenix, Rise, For the Animals, She Sells Sanctuary, Encore: Spiritwalker, Sun King

If you missed this tour you missed the best rock n roll tour of 2013!

When you see The Cult perform live you never know how “on” the band will be because some nights things are just not working well, some nights Ian can be in a bad mood OR some nights the band just doesn’t sound great...then there’s the nights where it all works perfectly, the band is happy, the crowd is enthusiastic & the show kicks freakin’ butt.....the latter is EXACTLY what this night was all about!

New York stoners White Hills opened the show & I’ll admit I was blown away by their fuzzy riffed music that’s one part Monster Magnet, 2 parts Fu-Manchu...the band is a 3 piece act which boasts the hottest female bass player in rock n roll!

White Hill’s set was heavy on smoke and the band played in mostly green lighting. A vast percentage of the crowd didn’t quite “get” what White Hills were about but I dug their set & will definitely check them out again.

The Cult’s crowd at this point is rather old and there was no pit action, no screaming, and very limited movement throughout the crowd. The audience is polite, middle class & mellow for the most part.

When the house lights dimmed & The Cult opened with “Wild Flower” there was definitely a surge of energy from the opening riffs Billy Duffy played and by the time the song ended Ian had spotted a kid filming the show with an iphone & Ian began calling the kid Martin Scorsese and asked the kid to stop filming & just enjoy the show. Ian commented that the entire tour was plagued by people filming the show & posting awful sounding vids on youtube and it had gotten on his nerves because he had no issues with people taking a few pics but when you film him he just doesn’t like it!

Throughout the entire show Ian kept an eye on the kid he called “Martin Scorsese” & he kept making hand/eye gestures to tell him he was watching him.

Billy Duffy with a beard is an interesting look because Billy was always a clean shaven guy....I personally felt like he looked more like a rock star without the beard. Ian kept his hair in a bun for most of the show & he let his hair down during last song of the night which was “Sun King”.

It was odd seeing “Love Removal Machine” being played 8 songs into the set as opposed to it always being the closer of the night and during “Zap City” Ian had a mic issue which made him switch mic’s...this was a HUGE problem because when he switched mic’s the volume levels were way off & Ian’s vocals were way louder than most of the music from where I was standing...on one hand it allowed you to truly hear what Ian’s vocals sounded like BUT it was also wayyyy too loud to the point where it was hurting most people’s ears even when they had ear plugs in!

When the band finished up with the “Electric” portion of the show they took a small intermission & then came back with a selection of hits & newer songs which included “Honey From A Knife” which sounded fresh & raw. “Lucifer” was prefaced by a speech from Ian which stated that the song itself was NOT about satanism.

“Embers” was the moodiest moment of the night & “The Phoenix” was probably the heaviest song in the set.

Before the band started “Rise” Ian asked the crowd what they wanted to hear & someone yelled out “Sanctuary” and Billy leaned over to his side of the crowd & said, “Why in the hell would an idiot yell out “Sanctuary” when we play that song EVERY show?!”

Between songs a female fan screamed that she wanted to “eat Ian’s ass” and Ian began laughing and told the female fan that he wasn’t into that, it was sick & that was an exit only! The “ass eating” was joked about through the rest of the set.

Yes, I did laugh when a picture of a naked angel was displayed in the background behind the band because my inner 12 year old was laughing every time Billy got too close to the baby penis as the pic above shows.

“Sanctuary” closed off set #2 and the nights encore was rather interesting because “Spiritwalker” sounded amazing and “Sun King” was just really intense....the shocker of the night was that they didn’t play their biggest USA single.... “Fire Woman” was skipped on this night!

All in all this WAS the best rock n roll concert I’ve seen for the year 2013 and as an added bonus I was given after show passes to meet the band at the end of the night....the funny part about the “after show” was that all of the band EXCEPT Ian & Billy came out to hang, drink & party with the hand full of “important” people who had of the touring members of The Cult commented that Ian & Billy were just setting in the back and he wasn’t sure why they never came out for the after show but apparently they do that quite often.

Regardless of Ian & Billy’s no show for the after show the concert overall was kick ass & the band sounded great from start to finish!



Author: Bob Suehs