Aug 23, 2013

Sin4Sin & more

Sin4Sin & more!

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”Good 4 The Body” EP

Maryland rockers Sin4Sin have a new 5 song EP out and it’s called “Good 4 The Body”...musically the songs on this EP show how the bands grown over the years and I give the guys alot of credit because the first time I’d seen them live I thought they were horrible!

Over the past few years Sin4Sin have challenged themselves to change, grow, & evolve musically and with the addition of guitarist Chuck Stiletto the band finally found their sound/style quite well. Vocally and lyrically singer Brandon Hayden has found who he is and his approach is a mix of Crashdiet meets Sebastian Bach with an emphasis on the sleazy hair metal style.

Many of the songs on this EP are love songs if you dig deep enough and “Booby Trapped” is the fastest rocker on this EP. All in all I think the boys did a great job on this record because it sounds great, the tunes are well written and this is a kick ass, in your face documentation of what Sin4Sin are all about!

In September 2013 the band will begin selling a limited edition version of this EP on vinyl which is sure to be a collectors item!


”What It Is”

Mellow country tones surround the lovely voice of Heather Stewart on this record which kicks off slow with the records title track. Many tracks on this record touch on indie alt rock but the bulk of the music is strictly modern country which is quite catchy.


”Got To Feel It”

Old school styled music ala Motown, the tempo is mid paced and the sounds are not rock but almost more r&b paced with a white boy singing.


”Never Felt So Alive”

Quirky pop rock played by Phillipinos....I’d swear some of these songs are on the radio because they sound really familiar yet none of these are radio singles here in the USA....”Not Yet Done” sounds identical to another pop song I hear in commercials & overall this record is an interestingly new & unique flavor for the alt rock/indie rock market...the band are good at what they do & the music is a good mix of pop, rock & art.

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Author: Bob Suehs