Sep 8, 2013

Killer Dwarfs

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September 7, 2013

White Marsh, MD

House of Rock

Killer Dwarfs have rocked since the 80’s churning out their brand of Canadian metal and the band are currently on the road in support of their new record which is actually 20 years old.

Before the bands set I had a one on one with Russ Dwarf and he was super nice, down to earth and very positive/upbeat.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Killer Dwarfs still based out of Canada?

Russ Dwarf: Yes we are.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made Killer Dwarfs want to reunite?

Russ Dwarf: That’s a good just came about because we were all doing our own things, we have been...we did a reunion in 2001 and we put that to bed in 2005 and I think we might have been a couple of years ahead of that kind of thing....we all started doing our own thing... I have a couple solo albums out, I did a few records with some other people and I did an acoustic record of Dwarf songs & Darryl and I have been brothers for 30 years so we talk every week anyways and we had this old record that we had never released, it’s almost like a glorified demo thing but we did it up correctly 20 years ago this year and some people that work with us talked about doing some shows and here we are right now....who knows what the future will bring but we all get along together really well, we travel well together and it’s just music man, it’s not rocket science. We don’t have the cure to cancer here, we thought the fans of ours might wanna hear the songs and they seem to be happy with it.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of the Canadian music scene?

Russ Dwarf: It’s hard to say, it depends upon what you’re talking about...we are old guys so we are beyond starting everything so I don’t know, I’m not in the trenches of it so I don’t know how healthy it is but there seems to be alot of young rock bands which is great to see...when we play up there alot of the bands that play with us are young and still rockin and alot of the bands are in their early 20’s which is shocking when I talk to them because they come out to all the shows & they know all our songs & I’ll say, “How do you know us?” and they’ll say, “Oh my Dad was a huge fan!” so you know, rock n roll is still alive in Canada...the Canadians love Rock N Roll & beer.

Rock N Roll Experience: But don’t you think Nickelback fucked it up just a little bit?

Russ Dwarf: I don’t know...I always hear bad things about them & I don’t know why people always jump on them...I can’t say that I’m a fan or that I’m not a fan...I’ve heard some songs & I think they are ok but I don’t get the big...why does everyone shit on them? Is it because they are so famous? They are doing their thing, that’s what I don’t understand with the internet & everything...everyone’s so negative sometimes especially when it comes to be shitting on other peoples stuff...this is not why we do music, we do music as a spiritual thing for me atleast and after being together for so long in this band the people that come to see us are fans...we are not trying to convince anybody that we wanna be huge or anything, our music has touched them and that’s what it does to everybody if you’re a music lover...obviously I am a huge fan first before anything & music should be a positive thing....I really don’t understand that kind of mentality but it’s a big, bad ugly world out there and I know everything’s not a Disney fucking movie but I don’t know...Nickelback...that was a long fucking answer wasn’t it? Tell them to take us on tour & we’ll be fine with everyone hating us too!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a big Ramones fan because you gave each band member the last name “Dwarf” ala The Ramones.

Russ Dwarf: Yeah...I heard that started as a joke but I love The Ramones, who doesn’t love The Ramones it’s like who doesn’t love Elvis I mean it’s like calling it Legends of rock...we are basically a rock band and I can’t recall the story exactly but I’ve heard that analogy before and if you know us we have a sense of humor and we take the music seriously but we’re in a fucking rock band, our motto is you have to laugh or you’re gonna cry....we have alot of fun together and we fucking laugh our heads off and we’ve always been about sarcasm and tongue in cheek...we thought it was funny and it escalated into a ridiculous career.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you like the Anvil movie?

Russ Dwarf: I love it...those guys are old friends of mine and I used to do sound for them like in 1979....I’ve been friends with those guys since like 1977 so yeah, they are close pals of mine and more power to anybody that can survive.

The Killer Dwarfs set this night was a little under 2 hours long and the band’s energy was through the roof. Russ Dwarf reminds me of Andrew WK as far as his spastic dance moves & his nonstop energy throughout the entire show while the players onstage sound amazing & play every song to perfection.

Tossed in the set was a brief cover of “Honky Tonk Woman” by the Rolling Stones as well as brief AC/DC riffs and even the guitar into to “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Killer Dwarfs joked amongst themselves onstage & despite the crowd being small they made every member of the audience part of the show.

“Dirty Weapons” & “It Doesn’t Matter” were the big crowd pleasers of the night and one smart individual kept yelling out “Dirty Weapons” between every song which seemed to annoy the band after a while yet they made it a joke & laughed it off.


Author: Bob Suehs