Oct 4, 2013

Metallica & Sponge

Metallica - "Through the Never" & Sponge "Stop The Bleeding" reviews

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”Through The Never” movie

I’ll say for the record that I had my own personal hesitations about seeing a “Metallica” movie simply because I feared it would be presented in a cheesy manner that left a bad taste in my mouth. I grew up loving the first 4 Metallica records and sadly after a certain point I lost interest in the band simply because they became too commercial and what was once a “special” thing to me had suddenly became “trendy” therefore I lost interest in being like the rest of the rock sheep.

However, the new Metallica movie proves that the band can still kick ass and they perform the classic material with passion and energy despite the spoils of rock n roll megastardom!

The movie opens with a loose story line that’s based around a delivery boy who carries the “mystery” bag up until the very end of the movie.

“Creeping Death” is the opening number for the concert segments of the film & it’s the perfect way to start this movie because that song is such a heavy, intense, aggressive force 20+ years later!

The bulk of the concert material is culled from the bands classic material with “Cyanide” being the only newer song in the set.

“Memory Remains” is the only song that I felt was a tad flat in parts...James sounds like he’s talking through the song.... the guitar parts sound cool but I just didn’t think the song really came together all that well.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a deep cut off “Kill ‘em All” appear in the movie and what I’ll say about this film is, if you are a fan of Metallica this is a must see in Imax 3D because the visuals are stunning, the audio is perfection and this is the next best thing to seeing Metallica live in concert....I literally found myself almost wanting to cheer & clap at the end of each song because this movie captures the live concert experience quite well minus the over priced t-shirts, beer & parking.


”Stop The Bleeding”

Sponge achieved minimal success in the 90’s with a string of hits off their “Rotting Pinata” record & they followed it up with a strong release entitled “Wax Ecstatic” which I always felt was overlooked by the rock media.....after that point the band went through some line up changes, label changes and through the years Vinnie Dombroski kept Sponge alive & well despite the core of the world not even knowing they were still around.

“Stop The Bleeding” is the bands latest release & it’s a kick ass record that mixes the old with the new as far as the bands sound goes. I say that because some songs really do sound like they could have made it on to the “Rotting Pinata” record while others are new, fresh & take things into a totally different direction via unique beats, rhythms & tones which are at times less hard rock & more alternative pop.

Vinnie & the boys sound amazing on this disc & every song stands alone as a possible single.

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Author: Bob Suehs