Oct 5, 2013

Local H - Santo's Party House NYC

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October 5, 2013

New York, NY

Santo’s Party House

“All The Kids Are Right” is a kick ass song by Chicago rockers Local H and it’s an anthemic rocker which defines the bands sound quiet well...post 90’s grunge chock full o’ riffs & angst ala Nirvana meets Mudhoney.

This was actually my first time checking out Local H live and sadly this tour was the end of the road for the bands drummer Brian who is leaving the band at the end of this tour after 14 years of banging out the beats for Local H.

Santo’s Party House in New York is an interesting little club that’s divided into 2 halves and on this night the left side featured Eye Empire while the right side was all about Local H. Both shows ended promptly at 10 PM so the club could switch over to it’s dance party as soon as the rock n roll portion of the night was done.

Local H played a 90 minute set that covered all the bases quite well but I think most people were a tad surprised when the bands encore excluded “Bound for the Floor” & “High Fivin’ MF” which are the bands 2 biggest songs!

Scott’s guitar set up is unique because he has a bass pick up in his guitar which is active at the same time his guitar pick up is so you hear the bass strings being played through a bass amp while the treble pick up emits the guitar sound....sadly I could hear the bass over powering the guitar tones from where I stood which made the sound a tad muddy at times and with Local H being just 2 guys they do lose a little fidelity in their sound because the tuning is mostly drop d with an emphasis on rhythm to fill out the sound. Overall I give Local H credit for sounding kick ass because they are just 2 guys and they sound like a full band....it makes bands like The Black Keys look foolish because they are 2 guys when it comes to recording yet live they hire extra players to fill out their sound while Local H do it all with just 2 guys...they use no sampling, overdubs or pre-taped backing tracks!

“Eddie Vedder” was played 3 songs into the bands set and for the most part the entire show was non stop rock with no ballads, no mellow moments and no breaks.

The crowd was attentive, sang along to every song and more or less this show was a celebration of the years Brian spent behind the drum kit for Local H. At the end of the bands set Scott told the crowd that this was Brian’s last tour with the band and the crowd cheered so loud that Brian became a tad shy & turned his head to hide his emotions from the crowd. Scott quipped that was the first time Brian ever turned away from the crowd like that and for the bands encore they whisked through a hand full of songs then at the end of the encore Scott set his guitar down and allowed the crowd to carry him all the way to the merch table where he signed autographs, took pics, talked to fans & sold merch!

If you’ve never seen Local H live you have to check the band out because they sound better than many bands that have more members than the duo of Local H.

Author: Bob Suehs