Oct 16, 2013

Charming Liars - Interview

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When Charming Liars were in Baltimore, Maryland on October 12, 2013 opening for Sick Puppies at Baltimore Soundstage I had the opportunity to chat with Charming Liars lead singer Charlie Cosser.

Charlie is a fun, quirky guy who’s love of life exudes when he talks....bursts of energy abound from every word the man says and while the band is relatively new they are creating quite a buzz all around the world.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it to be a part of the Uproar 2013 Tour?

Charlie Cosser: It was amazing. It was our first time every touring in the United States and we started in the beginning of August & we traveled 4 days from LA to Pennsylvania where we played the first date...it was alot of driving, alot of late nights driving but it was also alot of fun days playing, drinking and meeting amazing people!

Rock N Roll Experience: You are wearing a “Walking Papers” shirt so I have to ask, did you hang out with Duff McKagan?

Charlie Cosser: Yeah...we actually have the same manager as Walking Papers so we’ve kind of been following that band for a long while and then one night in catering Duff was setting at the table next to us and we had dinner and yeah...it was very awesome! Duff is a very cool guy.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you get to jam with Duff?

Charlie Cosser: We didn’t jam...Jeff, the singer of Walking Papers would make fun of us and he did an impression of our song “New DIsorder” and he said that they were going to do a cover of it and call it “The Old Disorder” so we were hoping to make that come together but we forgot about it so hopefully next time.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it working with Bob Rock?

Charlie Cosser: Incredible! When we found out we were going to work with him we were kind of....we couldn’t believe it was going to happen and it did but the fact is he’s a big producer & we were a baby band and we still are a baby band and we had to work around his schedule. We knew we were going to work with him but it kept getting delayed, pushed back, but that allowed us to keep writing and he’d come visit us & check out the latest batch of songs we’d put together and the latest demos...we’d get really excited & be like, we are going to play you these 10 songs and think he’s going to love them and then he’d trash all of them but in the nicest way possible....he’d pick like 2 or 3 & be like, “Ok, these are great, work on these.” and then by the time we got to work on them with him we had the right songs and yeah, he’s a great guy.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was the decision to work with Bob Rock the bands or the labels?

Charlie Cosser: It’s funny because we had a brain storm meeting with the label for producer ideas and we had a few people in mind, we worked with John Fields who recorded some of the songs on the album as well & he was someone we were speaking to before and he was always really someone we looked up to and we’d love to record with him & then in passing we talked about an album that was made by Bob Rock and it wasn’t even a real suggestion.

Rock N Roll Experience: What was the album?

Charlie Cosser: I don’t know...I think it might have been...it wasn’t a Metallica album, it was something like Our Lady Peace or something like that, I’m not sure...we were just talking about it and then someone said, “Well what about Bob Rock?” and we were like, is that serious? Can that happen?, and the label said the least we could do is send him the music and see if he gets back to us and we were lucky enough that he did.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you feel like rock is dead in America?

Charlie Cosser: We’ve had alot of conversations about where rock music is at, the future of rock music and I feel like being on a tour like this with a couple of great rock bands we see that there is still definitely a big following for rock music & the people that do come out are super passionate about it & I think what music needs now is more bands to group together & form a scene again...I think that’s what is missing a little bit. I remember when we first started out back in the UK, back when Myspace was a powerful force for new bands we could book all our tours through it and there were young kids putting on shows and that’s kind of gotten a little lost right now. It’s also really expensive to start a rock band & really expensive to be in a rock band and it’s just alot cheaper to get a laptop and be a DJ. I feel like what rock music needs now is like minded bands who just wanna play real heartfelt rock n roll to group together & support each other and the revival is just around the corner.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you doing anything special for Halloween?

Charlie Cosser: I don’t know...we will be in California so I’m sure there will be something to do....I don’t know what we are going to dress up as but yeah, we were hoping that this tour would fall on a Halloween show but it ends just before Halloween unfortunately. Haunted Houses! When we first came to America that was what we first wanted to see in American Culture or Halloween Culture so yeah a couple Haunted Houses I think. Halloween isn’t a big deal in the UK, some people trick or treat but they don’t have that mass scale full production haunted house that scares the shit out of you so yeah, that was new to us.

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the band name Charming Liars mean?

Charlie Cosser: I don’t know if it means anything in particular but I can tell you how it came about. We were doing some writing in Nashville, Tennessee and we went to a bar one night and Mike our bass player was trying to get out of...trying to charm his way out of paying the bill and the bar tender, she didn’t believe that he was...she didn’t believe his accent was real & she thought he was putting it on and she called him a Charming Liar & she called all of us a bunch of Charming Liars and it was at the time we were really struggling to look for a name and we just all looked at each other and were like, “That sounds like a name!” and none of us hated it!

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Author: Bob Suehs