Oct 30, 2013

Overkill / Kreator - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


16 studio albums, two EPs, and an album of cover tunes....Overkill have been around the block just a bit and the core members D.D. on bass & Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth lead vocals have done a damn good job of keeping the Overkill franchise alive & well these past 30 years.

54 year old Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth has been through alot.... In 1998 he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of nose cancer and in June of 2002 he suffered a stroke onstage in Germany.

This was the opening night of the Kreator/Overkill 2013 tour and I arrived shortly after Overkill’s set had started. Outside of the venue I could hear Blitz’s shrill screams and the band played so loud that the building was actually vibrating!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the entire floor of the club packed in tight and Overkill had a nice sized crowd going ape shit for the New Jersey thrash icons!

For the most part Overkill’s set went off fine with just 2 minor flubs:

1. Blitz’s mic cut out towards the end of the set & he didn’t bother to finish the last few lines of “We Don’t Care” due to this technical difficulty.

2. Blitz actually fell onstage towards the end of the set & he fell so hard that he remained on the ground for a minute while the band finished up the song...you couldn’t see what exactly happened unless you were directly up front but Blitz fell hard and he joked afterwards that he had practiced that fall for 3 years!

“Hello From The Gutter” & “Elimination” were the classic tracks that received a huge crowd response but it’s interesting to note that ALL of the Overkill set received a thunderous roar from the crowd and Blitz seemed a bit taken with the fact that the Overkill fan base was still there after all these years!

Once Overkill finished their set I will admit that the crowd did thin out just a tad and it was apparent that some of the crowd was only there for Overkill & didn’t care about Kreator.

Kreator were the nights headliner and their stage set up was actually too large for Baltimore Soundstage so the band’s roadies did their best to set up everything in a manner which allowed the band to utilize all their gear despite the small stage area.

Kreator sounded good but Overkill were clearly the best band of the night and I ended up leaving just after midnight while Kreator were finishing up their encore.

Interesting side note regarding the Kreator set...if you looked closely at Kreator singer Mille’s shirt you would have seen he was sporting a Bauhaus shirt which seemed a little odd for a thrash metal band to wear.

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Author: Bob Suehs