Nov 3, 2013

Watain - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


Watain Set List: Night Vision, De Profundis, Storm of the Antichrist, Malfeitor, The Devils Blood, Satans Hunger, The Wild Hunt, Casus Luciferi, Sworn To The Dark, Reaping Death, Outlaw, Stellarvore, On Horns Impaled, The Serpents Chalice, Holucaust Dawn

Spooky Death Metal from Sweden...that sums up Watain pretty accurately and what I will never forget in reference to this show was the “smell” of the venue. Incense were burning all night and they did very little to mask the stench of rotting flesh & bleach which over took the club. You might ask “WHY?” the club smelled so bad and I didn’t realize it until a friend pointed it out but if you looked onstage during Watain’s set you saw 2 severed pigs heads which sat atop the bands 2 large upside down crosses....the 2 heads were real pigs heads & trust me when I tell you that they smelled REALLY freakin’ bad!

In Solitude were onstage when I arrived and I was quite impressed with the bands sound as well as their looks because they look like they sound...gritty & dirty hard rock!

Watain’s fan base surprised me because they actually drew a good number of people for a Sunday night and the venue was filled with long haired metal heads ready to rock!

For me the surprise of the night was when my friend Rachael showed up unexpectedly and it was an added bonus on this night to hang with her!

Watain’s stage set up was creepy and filled with random bones & blood splattered cloth which created a cage around the band onstage.

The band has a cool look, each member dressed up to scare and towards the end of the set the people up front were baptized with a cup of blood which was tossed onto the crowd.

This was my first time ever seeing Watain headline a show and they were an interesting experience from start to finish because they put alot of work into their stage show and they keep it evil from start to finish BUT the over the top “Satanism” comes off just a tad cheesy at this point. The Norwegian Death Metal scene has been over played for many years now and what I always think when I see death metal bands like Watain is what I used to always hear about KISS.....the make up, the costumes & the “Schtick” are what makes the fans love them & what makes the critics not take them seriously...regardless, I dig Watain and this was an awesome way to end the bands 2013 USA tour!


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Author: Bob Suehs