Dec 21, 2013

KIX - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

KIX Set List: (new song) Can't Stop the Show, Atomic Bomb, No Ring Around Rosie, The Itch, Lie Like a Rug, (new song) Top Down, Girl Money, Don't Close Your Eyes, Rock & Roll Overdose, Red Hot, Cold Blood, Midnite Dynamite, Cold Shower, Blow My Fuse: ENCORE: Hot Wire, Yeah Yeah Yeah

The annual “KIX-mas” shows are an institution to the local rock scene in Maryland and the events are hosted yearly by the “Baltimore Beatles” aka KIX as if you couldn’t tell by the title of the event.

So Low opened the show on this night & they played a good mix of covers alongside originals but the combination of Shinedown & Aerosmith seemed a tad off considering So Low lean more towards the classic rock side than the new rock side.

I enjoyed the So Low set as did most of the crowd but it wasn’t even up for debate...the crowd was there for KIX and anything else on that stage was simply filler.

KIX took the stage with a brand new song entitled “Can’t Stop The Show” which sounds like classic KIX! Six songs deep into the set and another new song entitled “Top Down” was debuted and my best analogy for KIX is that they are essentially like AC/DC when it comes to their music....everything they do will always sound like “KIX” and the new material mixes perfectly with the older material because it all sounds the same. KIX are not trying to reinvent their sound with the new songs, they are simply treading on already paved roads and the new songs sound just like the old songs.

“Rock & Roll Overdose” was played on this night and that one surprised me because I haven't heard that one played live in a long sounded amazing!

Once the set hit “Cold Blood” it was hit after hit that followed and if you’ve seen KIX before you know how the rest goes right down to the giant hammer with the balloons during “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”!

My personal favorite of the night was “Midnight Dynamite” because it sounded really good and what I will say about the KIX live show is that the band always delivers a strong rock show from start to finish and it’s really sad that the band didn’t achieve more success back in the day because they are clearly superior to many of the bands from that era and they also have more original members in the 2013 version of the band than most bands from that era!


Author: Bob Suehs