Jan 16, 2014

Supersuckers & I Love Rich

Supersuckers & I Love Rich!

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”Get The Hell”

Hot Damn! The Supersuckers are back with a brand f**kin’ new record and you better believe this bitch rocks!

The Supersuckers are road worn in regard to their non-stop touring ethic but the bands last studio effort was released just around 5 years ago which makes their latest release well over due. On their latest rock-fest entitled “Get The Hell” they churn out solid rock anthem that offer up great music for a night of drinkin’ & debauchery!

The disc starts with a cool little live intro that leads into the title track of the record which stays on key and tempo for the duration of the record. This is a full throttle rock release which is nothing more than riffs & attitude coupled with quirky lyrics about sex, drugs & rock n roll.

“F*ck Up” is the song that will catch your attention because it’s an anthem for the every man and essentially every song on this record is what I’d consider working class rock n roll ala AC/DC because this isn’t p@ssy emo rock or drop-D nu-metal; the songs on this record are 100% legit, down n’ dirty, and real!

There are no duds, every song is solid, and The Supersuckers do what they do best on this record...they rock like f**k!


”Respect The Rich”

This 8 song EP is just a tad under 30 minutes in length yet rocks harder than most full length records released over the past year or so!

I Love Rich sounds like KISS meets The New York Dolls meets Hanoi Rocks and the overall tone of this record is loud, fast and in your face with an emphasis on attitude.

There are moments where the band borrows from KISS, James Brown, AC/DC & even Ted Nugent which pretty much explains where the bands style & sound come from.

Dirty guitar rock played on 10 with nasty hooks, stompin’ grooves and Ace Frehley styled vocals; that’s my best description of the new I Love Rich “Respect The Rich” EP.

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Author: Bob Suehs