Jan 19, 2014

Stephen Pearcy - HOR

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White Marsh, MD

House of Rock

What do Ratt, Motley Crue & Poison all have in common? Aside from being notorious multi platinum selling 80’s hair metal acts each band has a lead singer that performs solo “tribute” shows to their respective bands when their respective “main” band is not on tour.

Vince Neil is legendary for his sloppy drunk solo performances which are usually horrible in all honesty while Bret Michaels is more of a reality TV star than a solo musician and without Poison his star doesn’t shine so bright. Stephen Pearcy from Ratt usually gives a solid solo performance with his Ratt tribute band and when his current solo tour hit the Maryland area on January 19, 2014 I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few things.

There was a decent sized crowd in attendance for a Sunday night rock show, my rough guess is that there were atleast 200 people in the room to see Pearcy and the only bad part of the show was that it started at 4 PM.

There were 3 opening acts on the bill which included local rockers Teazyr who delivered a fun dose of glam rock in the style of Crashdiet.

Pearcy’s set started at 9 PM and ended promptly at 10 PM which left little time for filler and for the most part Pearcy’s set was none stop rock with all the hits played as well as a few rare gems off the first Ratt record.

Towards the end of the set “Headed Out To The Highway” by Judas Priest was played and I will admit that the bands cover sounded way better than the version I saw Stone Sour play just 2 days prior!

Pearcy sounded great vocally but looks wise he kept his eyes covered with a beanie cap for the entire performance. The last song of the night was “Round & Round” and Pearcy prefaced it by saying it was the last song of the night & that everyone knew what song it was. During “Round & Round” Pearcy took his beanie cap off briefly to shake his hair around & look at the crowd but his hat went right back on and he never removed it for the duration of the night....even during the aftershow party!

I remember as a child there was a wooden Indian statue that I would always see... I can’t quite remember where that statue was because as a child you pay little attention to where you and you sorta live in your own world....the irony is that when I looked at Pearcy directly in the face on this night he looked identical to that old wooden Indian statue!

Performance wise Pearcy and his band did the Ratt classics justice and this was a definite cure for anyone needing a Ratt fix!


Author: Bob Suehs