Mar 1, 2014

Toadies, Devo, & more!

Toadies, Devo & More!

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”Rubberneck” 20th Anniversary Edition

When you realize “Rubberneck” by The Toadies has hit the 20 year mark it then forces you to note that “Possum Kingdom” IS classic rock!

“Rubberneck” was the breakthrough record for Toadies which spawned their biggest single to date but what this record truly does well is summing up an era & time that’s long since forgotten. Grunge was on the cusp of taking over the music world, hair metal died & political punk was more relevant than ever....then along came Toadies who mixed all 3 styles quite well while still maintaining their own vibe & sound.

This reissue features 5 bonus tracks 2 of which are rare live tracks recorded in Texas on 12/5/91.

“Away” still sounds just as fresh today as it did back in the day and I give Toadies credit for writing timeless modern rock that has stood the test of time!



Musically mellow & reminiscent of modern day U2 mixed with New Politics; the latest release from Canon Logic has excellent production, solid writing & sullen moodiness.


”Here’s To You”

Pop-rock driven with catchy hooks, Daughtry styled vocals, and heavy production....each song on this disc has rock radio potential due in part to all the aforementioned trappings that make each song overtly palatable to the consumer based music market.

Personally I’d like to hear the band have a bit more of an edge because the writing is there but the heavy production makes every song just a tad watered down BUT that is the essence of popular music in 2014. I’m not saying this is a bad record, it’s absolutely perfect for what it’s the perfect pop oriented rock release and should garner the band a solid fanbase.


”The Complete Truth About De-Evolution” DVD

I withheld this review for a week out of respect for recently deceased Devo guitarist Bob Casale because as irony would have it I received this disc a week prior to his passing.

This is the all encompassing be all, end all compilation of all commercially released DEVO music videos coupled with some cool concert footage from early gigs all the way up to a 1996 show in Sundance!

Chock full o’ bonus clips, commentaries, interviews, previously unreleased footage, etc., this is a must have for DEVO fans!

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Author: Bob Suehs