Mar 4, 2014

That Metal Show - Mick Mars / Tom Keifer

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THAT METAL SHOW Taping w/ Mick Mars & Tom Keifer


New York

The 2014 Season of That Metal Show has relocated back to New York City and when we were invited for a taping on 3/4/13 the only questions were “What time & where at?”!

Upon entering the studio they do a brief pat down & run a metal detector across each audience members body to check for weapons. Once you pass the security check you are asked to go downstairs in a basement where they hold you for about 30 minutes. They do a coat check & ask audience members if they have any “Stump The Trunk” are given a sheet of paper where you can write down 2 questions for Trunk with the answers & they choose which questions he is asked. If you are chosen they notify you once you are on the set and they give you a note card with the question typed on it. You are then asked to memorize it before asking Trunk your question.

The studio set is actually rather small and I was seated on the center bleacher directly next to Tom Keifer’s stage where he played.

When the actual filming began everything went smoothly for the most part. Florentine was the only host who messed up a few times and he had to re-tape his parts.

I was actually surprised Tom Keifer was the guest guitarist because I never placed him in the same league as George Lynch, Jake E. Lee or John 5; Keifer played some blues soaked riffs which sounded decent but I realized immediately that Keifer’s more of a “Song” guy than an “instrumental” player...there were no guitar player gone wild moments!

When Mick Mars came out it made me feel a little sad because the man has clearly deteriorated health wise and the hunch in his back has gotten more really hit home when Mars started to talk because his speech is clearly frailer than before and it was almost painful in parts to hear him speak because he’s clearly not the man he once was. Mick’s health is clearly going down hill yet he denies it throughout most of the interview!

When asked what was the best live show he’s seen Mick replied “Rob Zombie!” and Mick swore that this IS the last Motley Crue tour although there could be a new song here or there. Mick also stated that once Motley’s over he will do a solo record, book & maybe a solo tour....he clearly stated that he will never stop playing and that they will have to carry him off the stage. He made a joke that when he dies Tommy will make drum sticks out of his bones.

When asked if there was ever a time that he considered quitting Motley Mick replied, “Yes, during the Generation Swine era.” and he admitted that he felt lost during that time in the band; he hated that record! Mick also admitted that John Corabi playing guitar in the band was one of the few things that really brought out something different in his playing & he loved the John Corabi era Motley record.

Mick came off cool, he was clearly having fun and he seemed to enjoy every moment of the show BUT what I noticed when I took glances of the onstage monitors was how different Mick looked in person compared to what they filmed....on film Mick looks VERY skeletal and the monitors made him look worse than he actually did face to person Mick was clearly wearing a ton of make up but didn’t look quite so Crypt Keeper-ish...the cameras definitely made him look rougher than he actually is in person.

The drummer from Metal Church made a special guest appearance as well but he had to leave earlier than the others because Metal Church were playing a gig that night.

Mick Mars was the last “Stump The Trunk” question of the night & his question was, “Who was the keyboard player for T-Rex?”. Trunk knew the answer, “Elton John” but still gave Mick a prize from the prize box regardless.

It was a tad funny to see the audience members looking so underwhelmed with the prizes they won for Stumping The Trunk...prizes included a Charlie Benante shirt, an Eddie Trunk book & a Runaways book.

After the show all 3 hosts hung out, took pics, signed autographs and were super cordial. Tom Keifer hung around to meet audience members but Mick Mars was ushered off as soon as the taping ended....the surprise though was when Mick came right back out to hang, take pictures & meet every audience member who wanted to talk to him!

The overall experience of being a part of THIS particular show was awesome because the guests were cool, the audience clearly loved every moment and if you watch the Mick Mars/Tom Keifer edition of that Metal Show you will see me if you look closely!



Author: Bob Suehs