Mar 7, 2014

Spirit Caravan / Pilgrim - Metro Gallery

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Metro Gallery

Baltimore, Maryland

Spirit Caravan Set list: Dream, Black Flower, Healing Tongue, Dead Love, Retro, Sea Legs, Brainwashed, Power Time, Fang, Dove Tongue, Ice Monkey, Oustide, LSD

Opening night of the Spirit Caravan Spring 2014 tour was a sold out, sweaty, stoner/doom rock experience that you had to be at in order to truly understand.

There were 3 local openers on the bill and the best of the bunch were Foghound whose sound is best described as Kyuss meets Sabbath. My biggest complaint about the Metro Gallery has always been the acoustics of the room because there are’s essentially a room used to display local art and on random nights they host rock shows. The clubs stage is so low that if there’s too many people in attendance you can’t see more than a bobbing head onstage. This was a sold out show so needless to say it was rather hard to get a good view of Pilgrim & Spirit Caravan unless you fought the crowd to push up front.

The weather outside was just a tad about freezing so you definitely had to wear winter clothes yet the venue was so hot inside that the doors & windows of the club were totally fogged up.

Pilgrim had a few technical issues during their set which caused a few small breaks between songs....this gave the crowd a few minutes to cool down, get a drink or walk outside to cool down.

Pilgrim sounded ok despite the clubs bad sound and the band definitely borrow tone wise from Tony Iommi & Black Sabbath!

Spirit Caravan took the stage about 20 minutes later than the posted set time and the crowd went nuts for the bands fuzz tone induced stoner rock. Wino looked healthy and the interesting thing about every band that played....the crowd & the bands all came off like equals...there were no rock stars, no attitudes, no egos, just simple stoner rock people who came to party.

The worst part of this show was the smell that emanated from the crowd: Weed, dirty hair, dirty clothes, patchouli, garlic...this crowd came to throw down and those factors also explain why there were very few females at this show.




Author: Bob Suehs