Mar 15, 2014

Middle Class Rut / Dinosaur Pile Up - Ottobar

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Baltimore, Maryland

This show was interesting because every band brought their own distinct sound, style, & flavor to the event. The crowd was open minded enough to appreciate styles which ranged from 90’s alt rock to grunge to bass and drum.

Opening the show was Yesterday’s War and they did a good job of getting things started. I was actually surprised to see Dinosaur Pile-Up 2nd on the bill because they have a song in current rotation on local rock radio and what shocked me even more so was the fact that Dinosaur Pile-Up opened with their hit “Peninsula”!

Dinosaur Pile-Up garner the energy of Nirvana & Bush yet add an English flare to their alt-rock stylings. Their sound is pure energy as opposed to the angst of 90’s grunge rock.

Chatting to the guys after their set I was informed that the 3 members of Dinosaur Pile-Up were all battling bad colds which made them question whether or not their performance was decent but I can assure you they sounded great!

One thing to note regarding the sound for every band this night was the fact that the volume was pushed alot louder than normal and I’ll admit I had to wear ear plugs for this show because the sheer volume was hurting my ears.

Brick & Mortar were nothing more than a bass player & drummer and I won’t lie, the band bored me and I found their set to be lackluster due to the lack of guitar in the bands music. When the band was finished they added that they would appreciate if everyone came back & said hi or bought a t-shirt from them because they were average guys & the bass player said he worked at a movie store while the drummer was a garbage man when they were not on the road.

The last time I caught Middle Class Rut it was 2013 and they were playing the 2nd stage of the Uproar Tour. At that point Middle Class Rut had a bass player & their sound was alot fuller....the band I saw this night was stripped back to just guitar & drums with all bass parts pre-taped.

Middle Class Rut sound like a less melodic Jane’s Addiction and their entire set was solid from beginning to end. Probably the funniest moment in their set was when they did a small snippet of “Mother” by Danzig and they immediately stopped it & stated that no one can ever cover a Danzig song because Glenn has evil powers & he’s a warlock who will curse you if you cover his music. They then joked that they needed to do more bench presses & curls before they could cover Danzig music.

This was definitely an amazing night for music and all of the bands that played delivered kick ass performances.



Author: Bob Suehs