Mar 20, 2014

The Bunny The Bear / Mindless Self Indulgence - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

M.S.I Set List: It Gets Worse, Shut Me Up, 1989, Stupid MF, Steves Choice, Fuck Machine, Issues, Animal, Jimmy Choice, Never Wanted, Stalkers, Eveningwear, Anonymous, Kitty Choice, Tornado, Ala Mode, Dix, Lynz Choice, Faggot, Planet of the Apes, Jack Me Up, Bitches or Straight or Jimmy

The current 2014 Mindless Self Indulgence tour has been tagged as “The last tour the band will do before going on extended hiatus” and needless to say the crowd on hand was just as colorful as the bands onstage this night.

For the most part The Bunny The Bear & Mindless Self Indulgence have managed to fly under the radar of commercial mainstream pop culture yet they’ve attained very large fan bases which support all of their endeavors.

I remember seeing Mindless Self Indulgence years ago and the crowd would toss douche bags, sex toys & random weird crap at the 2014 the crowd seems to have matured just a little along with the band and there was limited crap thrown on stage this night.

The Bunny The Bear were direct support for MSI and almost every time I’ve seen The Bunny The Bear they’ve been different on stage. This tour the original duo of Tybor (bunny) & Hutka (bear) are back together and the backing band is way different from the last time I’d seen them.

Tyboy (bunny) provides the screams onstage while Hutka (bear) supplies the actual singing and the bands sound is an interesting mix of emo meets hardcore with an occasional touch of pop tossed in if you listen close. The crowd enjoyed T.B.T.B.’s set and I give M.S.I. props for picking the perfect opening band for this tour!

Mindless Self Indulgence took the stage in an almost low key sorta way and after the bands first song Urine told the crowd that they were playing the show backwards tonight and the first song was their encore. The band actually walked off after the first song and came back about 45 seconds later to thank the crowd and offer up their version of a reverse encore.

At one point Urine ran off stage during the bands set and went to the back of the venue where their merch booth was. He took a “Stalker” shirt from the Merch booth to wear onstage and oddly enough I don’t think alot of the crowd even realized he went to the back of the venue during their set!

Urine has always been an extremely animated character on and off stage and with an act like Mindless Self Indulgence you can almost tell they will not do this band forever because their entire “act” is all about youth. I can somehow see Urine going on to become the next Avantguard David Bowie because his creativity is so limitless that I can’t see him EVER retiring from the stage.

This show went off without any issues, the bands sounded good, the crowd was chock full o’ energy and overall this was a very solid show from start to finish.


Author: Bob Suehs