Apr 20, 2014

Kyng, The Meatmen & more

Kyng, The MeatMen, Lydia Lunch & more!

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”Burn The Serum”

Kyng are back with a vengeance on their latest (sophomore) release. The band maintains their core sound while adding depth to their writing and overall style on “Burn The Serum”.

The title track off this record is a rocker in the style of old school Black Sabbath and “Faraway” is my pick for a radio single off this record because it has a great breakdown and chorus which makes it commercial and memorable.

“Paper Heart Rose” is the tender moment on this primarily all heavy record and the song is an acoustic ballad that’s moving. “Sewn Shut” is a hard rockin’ track that ends with acoustic guitars and this is one of the tracks that really show the growth within Kyng over the past few years of touring the world.

Musically this is the best record Kyng has release thus far and the beauty of the band is the fact that they are 3 solid players who write amazing music in an era when pop artists have to use teams of people to write one song...every song Kyng perform on this record were performed/written by the band and in 2014 that is a rarity!


”A Fistful of Desert Blues”

The best way I can describe this release is like this: If you know the song “Memory Remains” by Metallica, the interlude where Marianne Faithfull joins the band, that’s what this entire record is like except the music is not metal, it’s acoustic.

For the most part this record comes off more like a spoken word art piece than a pop/punk record and it’s a great listen for a mellow Sunday morning.


”Savage Saga”

This is the first new record The Meat Men have released in over a decade and the bands music sounds just as raw as it always did yet the band itself has evolved musically and sound way better than before.

Don’t take anything on this record too seriously because it’s all a hardcore joke and meant to be taken with a HUGE grain of salt!

”Rock N Roll Enema” is my personal favorite simply because it cracks me up and the interludes scattered throughout the record add some flavor & fun throughout.

I LOVE the record cover which is a total rip off of the old school Tales From The Crypt EC Comics styled covers. Overall this is a strong punk rock record and I give it the Rock N Roll Experience seal of approval!


”Every Everything” DVD

This interesting little documentary on Husker Du is told via Grant Hart and it’s a fun watch that takes you from Husker’s early beginnings up to their demise with all points covered quite well.

This release comes off very much like a home video and much of the archival footage was recorded back when video cameras were not so high tech which makes for some footage that looks like pure home movie transfers complete with graininess and static.

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Author: Bob Suehs