Apr 23, 2014

Kyng / Lacuna Coil - Rams Head Live

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April 23, 2014

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Lacuna Coil Set List: Trip The Darkness, Kill The Light, Die & Rise, Swamped, Intoxicated, Victims, IDBIT, Fragments of Faith, Zombies, Heavens a Lie, Upsidedown, My Spirit, Spellbound, Nsiow, Our Truth

“Faster you let go the quicker this will end” - Trampled Sun by KYNG

Kyng destroyed Baltimore when they opened for Lacuna Coil on what was sadly the last night of this tour. Coupled with hard southern rock, stoner rock & old school metal KYNG are 3 talented dudes who deliver a powerful live show no matter how large or small the venue they play is.

KYNG ‘s sophomore release came out a few days prior to this show and the band debuted a handful o’ new tracks alongside older gems while the surprise of their set was a Van Halen cover, “Hot for Teacher”. The Van Halen cover was spot on and I’ll give it to the guys, they impressed me with that song....I had no idea they could successfully play a Van Halen song complete with the EVH solo(s)!

“I Can’t Hold The Hand of Who Won’t Let Me Breathe.” - I Don’t Believe by KYNG

Pepe is a beast on drums, Tony’s bass playing & vocals are impressive and Eddie’s voice & guitar playing are amazing! KYNG teased a small CLUTCH cover but joked that contractually they couldn’t play more than a few seconds of the song.

In my opinion KYNG should have been the headliner because they owned the show, they had the best songs, they had my attention, and their musicianship was impressive.

Lacuna Coil were the nights headliner and they sounded great but lacked some heaviness with the music being stripped down to just one guitarist onstage. I’ve always said this about the band & I’ll say it again...they only need Cristina singing, the male singer is not necessary in my opinion. Following the show Lacuna Coil did a meet and greet at their merch booth and the majority of the crowd hung around to meet the band after the show.

The venue itself was probably 1/2 filled at best and the entire upper level was shut down with just the floor level open.


Author: Bob Suehs