May 6, 2014

Seether / Black Stone Cherry - Rams Head Live

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May 6, 2014

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Black Stone Cherry Set List: Someday, Mary Jane, Yeah, Blood, Blind, Fiesta, Trash, Boom, Train

SEETHER Set List: Burrito, Gasoline, Fine Again, Driven Under, Breakdown, Broken, Drum Solo, Rise Above This, Words as Weapon, Tonight, Country Song, Gift, Fake It, Remedy

“Tonight’s Show Sold Out!”  was posted on the front door  and upon walking inside the venue it was wall to wall people rockin’ out to the first band onstage, Super Machine.

Seether’s fan base is still quit rabid in Maryland and it’s interesting that they can sell out a larger club after 10 years considering how fickle music fans are.

Black Stone Cherry was direct support for this entire tour and the band played a powerhouse set that rocked hard till the very end! I’ve always said that the secret weapon Black Stone Cherry have is their amazing drummer and if you ever get the chance to see them live you’ll understand why I can’t stop watching the guy play! Black Stone Cherry’s drummer is very similar to Animal from The Muppets in that he’s a crazy drummer who beats those drums louder & harder with each pound of the skins not to mention his crazy fro is constantly moving!

Seether usually have very creative stage set ups. I remember a few years back their stage was an ode to Van Halen while their last tour was a Sci-Fi dream gone bad. The bands current 2014 tour is loosely inspired by KISS and on Scott’s bass drum there’s a parody of the KISS record cover “Rock N Roll Over” which looks awesome! Many moments during the show Shaun would play guitar intro’s by himself and the stage lights would switch to Purple just like Paul Stanley utilized during “Black Diamond” and the large stadium styled bleacher lights continually flashed streams of light throughout the entire show much like the KISS logo would at a KISS concert.

When Shaun took the stage I wasn’t 100% sure if it was him or not at first because his looks have changed a tad since the last time I’d seen him and there’s a new onstage touring guitarist as well!

Set wise they played everything you’d want to hear and during “Broken” the crowd sang louder than Shaun did which was actually quite touching to witness.

If you’re thinking about filming a Seether show be aware that they carry their own personal security guy who will take your pro cameras & video equipment if he catches you filming the band. Non pro & cell phones were fine they just didn’t like the pro gear and had no issue taking it away from anyone who didn’t abide by their rules.

On a side note if you are lucky enough to catch one of Shaun’s guitar pics on this tour you will have a tiny laugh when you see that his pink guitar picks have a penis on one side while the other side reads “Mr. Feecie”.

Seether sounded good, the band played well and everyone seemed to enjoy the night which ended just after 11:30 PM.


Author: Bob Suehs