Jun 14, 2014

Devil Driver / White Chapel - Soundstage

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June 14, 2014

Baltimore, Maryland


WHITE CHAPEL set list: Endless, Section 8, Faces, I Dementia, Possession, Prostatic, Vicer Exiser, Mono, Digital Ace, Saw Is The Law, Possibilities

Devil Driver set list: End, Heartache, Wander, Hangman, Gutted, Careless, Nothing’s Wrong, Sail, Hold Back, Dead, Clouds, Ruthless, Wretched

This particular night was all about choices because at the Ottobar you had the Afreudianslip reunion show, Fishhead Cantina was hosting the Grim Reaper reunion show, and at Baltimore Soundstage you had the Devil Driver / White Chapel tour.

I opted to review the Devil Driver / White Chapel concert and it was no surprise to find out the show was sold out by the time doors opened. The first set I caught this night was Carnifex and this was my first time seeing the band perform.

Carnifex play an intense style of metal that impressed me because their sound was not generic in any way and what they brought to this show was different from all of the other acts on this billing.

This tour was a co-headlining run between White Chapel & Devil Driver BUT on this night I saw a portion of the crowd leave once White Chapel were finished with their set!

White Chapel owned the hell out of that stage and this was probably the best performance I’ve ever seen that band give! A few songs into their set a man in a wheel chair tried to crowd surf and it was awkward for security to push the man & his chair back into the crowd because that chair was supported by the crowd and was actually held over some poor fans head several times during the White Chapel set. Usually security will pull crowd surfers from the crowd and allow them to walk through the barricade to get back into the pit. At this show security simply pushed all crowd surfers further into the pit because no crowd surfers were allowed into the barricade area and this made it a little rough for those up front because they were having random crowd surfers pushed onto them by security as opposed to security pulling them from the crowd.

The triple guitar attack White Chapel had was a tad too much because the lead guitarist on stage right was almost impossible to hear at times due to the rhythm tones being the predominant sound in the mix.

Towards the middle of White Chapel’s set they asked the crowd to do a “Wall of Death” in the pit and watching it from the side of the stage all I can say is that sh*t looked violent but oddly enough no one was hurt and there was definite unity in that pit.

Once White Chapel finished their set the bulk of the crowd actually left the pit area & went between the bathrooms, the bars or outside for a smoke. I was saddened to see fans leaving after the White Chapel set because Dez & Devil Driver were up next.

Devil Driver sounded great, their live audio mix was perfect because you could hear the 2 guitarist loud & clear, the rhythm was mixed well, and Dez’s vocals were on top of it all.

This was probably the first show I’ve seen where Dez didn’t give all the photographers up front the middle finger...he seemed happier than usual this night and he was actually smiling for most of the night.

The set list was perfect because it mixed songs from all of the Devil Driver catalog quite well and my only gripe would be that “I Could Care Less” & “Sail” should always be the songs they close. Those are the tracks that receive the biggest crowd approval....Devil Driver play those 2 songs early in the set and that’s a mistake in my opinion.

All in all it was a great rock show and it confirmed that Baltimore still loves metal in 2014!

Author: Bob Suehs