Jul 12, 2014

Ministry - "Last Tangle In Paris"


”Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012” (dvd/CD combo)

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”Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012” (dvd/CD combo)

Witnessing a Ministry live performance is an “experience” moreso than an actual live show because the onstage frenzy, the production, the lighting, the sound....it’s an explosive, mind blowing, un-reproducable experience that you have to forego to understand.

The latest release from Al & co. is a visual/audio retrospective of the bands “DeFiBrilaTour 2012 Tour”. The music sounds amazing, the dvd looks awesome BUT there’s an overall sadness to this release because it’s the last tour Mike Scaccia did with the band prior to his passing.

The dvd was filmed in Chicago and the studio clips which show Mikey playing are clearly the highlights of the disc because it allows the fans to see just how hands on Mikey was with creating “From Beer...” and it also shows Mikey playing bass which many fans never knew he did!

A kilt wearing Al looks just a tad frail in the concert vid compared to previous Ministry tours where he looked healthier & stronger. Between songs Al rants that when he first met Mikey years ago his vision with Mikey was to mix speed metal with industrial to create this new sound which is what Ministry eventually evolved into.

The audio portion of this set is a 2 cd compilation which covers 2006 - 2012. With Ministry live recordings they record direct from the board and it captures the band exactly how they sound while playing as opposed to capturing the band via micing the stage which adds more crowd noise. In my opinion, how the audience hears the band which IS the true live sound....this live cd sounds almost identical to how their studio records sound and that’s why actually being at a Ministry show is more intense then just listening to their live performance(s) on a disc. In person there’s more energy than you can understand and the crowd goes insane with every fast number that rips your face off....you have to overlook the samples, loops & prerecorded bits because that’s what industrial music is all about. The live drums, bass & guitars played over the prerecorded parts create a sound that’s fast, loud, intense, and unique to what Ministry is.

The dvd closes with Mike walking off stage and then fades to white. The last song on the dvd is the last song Mikey ever recorded...it’s entitled “Mikey’s Middle Finger” and they set it up by joking that many musicians will have a beautiful, lovely, slow piece as their swan song but Mikey’s last song he ever recorded was a 3 chord, angry assed song that’s pure hate!

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Author: Bob Suehs