Jul 12, 2014

Hed PE

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An Interview with Jackson from Hed PE

Hed PE have a new record entitled “Evolution” which drops on July 22nd, 2014 & I had a few minutes to chat with the bands guitarist Jackson today (July 19, 2014).

The new record has a bit of a style change and Jackson elaborated that, “We started writing doom metal styled songs on this record. I went back and listened to and studied Black Sabbath for this (record).”

When you bring up Black Sabbath I have to always ask whether one prefers the Ozzy or Dio era of Black Sabbath. Jackson stated, “I have to go with the Ozzy era simply because it’s more classic but the Dio stuff was great too, just the Ozzy stuff is better.”

Sadly it was announced that Tommy Ramone passed away today so I had to ask Jackson if he was a Ramones fan. “Yes I am and sadly rock has lost another great one today.”

Hed PE are currently on the road for a short run and this leg of the tour ends with “The Gathering”. Concerning “The Gathering” & ICP, Jackson said, “We’ve toured with ICP before and they’ve always been great to us and so have their fans. “The Gathering” is alot of fun and we are looking forward to it.”

ICP’s fanbase is rabid and often times are given a bad rap from the media but Jackson said, “There’s always a few people in every crowd that give a group a bad name, we’ve gotten nothing but love from The Juggalos and we’ve never had a problem with them.”

If you know anything about ICP you will know that they are known for spraying Faygo soda throughout their shows so I had to ask Jackson if he’d ever been sprayed with the sticky drink: “When we toured with ICP I’d throw that stuff way into the crowd every night. We were sprayed with it many times while on tour with ICP but luckily it was always diet Faygo (laughs).”

“We’ve had a few problems on this tour, our bus broke down and we had to get rentals to finish up the tour but after this short tour and “The Gathering” we are doing a co-headlining run with Powerman 5000.”

My final question for Jackson was simple...he’s currently touring across the United States and I was curious, based on what he’s seeing, does he feel like Rock n Roll is dead? “Not at all, it’s very much alive and well! It all depends upon what your perception is because radio only plays what they want you to hear and they are not playing everything that’s out there. They just play a select few bands. Rock is not dead! Every day on the road I see fans who love rock music. Whether or not it’s being represented accurately through mainstream radio or anything like that, now that’s a different story. That’s not the source, that’s the middle man, those are just the guys who bring you stuff to listen to and say, “Hey, Listen to this, this is what’s going on right now.” but actually, no, that’s not what’s really going on.”



Author: Bob Suehs