Aug 9, 2014

Body Count

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An Interview with Vincent & Juan from Body Count

At Mayhem Fest on August 3, 2014 I had the opportunity to set down with Vincent & Juan from Body Count. Body Count have a new record out and are currently touring all Summer with the Mayhem Fest. On this particular day I will say hands down that Body Count stole the entire show because their set was amazing!

Rock N Roll Experience: How has Mayhem Fest been for you?

Juan: Everything’s great

Rock N Roll Experience: How many original members are left in Body Count at this point?

Vincent: 2, Ernie & Ice

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you still performing “Cop Killer” every night?

Vincent: (laughs) you know what’s the most funniest thing? This is classic....we had just finished the song yesterday

Juan: We were in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I was the first one to walk off stage and I see these cops right there by the side of the stage right where I was going to put my guitar away& I turned to my friend & was like, “We’re going to jail!”

Vincent: And then Ice was like the last one and when he comes off stage he hugs them (laughs). Somebody needed a camera because we all died laughing and they were laughing as well. We still play that song and have never stopped playing that song.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made Body Count cover “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies?

Vincent: It all started where Ice said Vince, “I wanna do “Comfortable Numb” by Pink Floyd so what I did that night, I recorded that song and sent it to him and he sends me a text, “Damn that was about we do Suicidal Tendencies too, Institutionalized?” I was like, “ok” and that was it. As we were writing for the record....”Institutionalized” has modern day lyrics so as we were recording the song and as we were rehearsing and as we were writing, all of that stuff he was experiencing was what was actually happening, he couldn’t get online. Here is a perfect example: Ice is a big horror movie fan & he has Apple TV so he was trying to get us to watch this one movie cause that’s what we do between working on songs, we watch horror flicks, and he was telling us about this one movie like, “Man, you guys gotta check this one out!” so we stopped rehearsing and he was trying to go on his Apple TV so we could watch it. He couldn’t get his password so he kept calling Coco asking her what the password was & she didn’t know, so he was doing all these, basically, like “What’s your first dogs name?” and he was going nuts and basically what he’s talking about is all the stuff that was going on.

Rock N Roll Experience: Has Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies heard your version of the song?

Vincent: I’m sure he has

Juan: The record company had to get clearance to do it so I’m sure he’s heard it...publishing was paid for.”

Vincent: I knew his sound guy too and he said he was going to turn him on to it, so.

Rock N Roll Experience: Body Count should tour with Suicidal Tendencies, that would be a great tour package.

Vincent: Juan says that’s a good idea. (laughs)

Juan: I’m a big Suicidal fan.

Rock N Roll Experience: I’m surprised you didn’t cover “I Saw Your Mommy” instead of “Institutionalized”.

Juan: That’s what I wanted to do and because we have a song called “Momma’s Gonna Die Tonight” and what I was gonna do was do a switch in the middle of the song and go into that song but it didn’t happen.

Rock N Roll Experience: and the band Puddle of Mudd’s song “She Hates Me” totally rips off “I Saw Your Mommy”.

Vincent: Oh yeah....

Rock N Roll Experience: What’s your favorite part of the live show?

Juan: I like “Disorder”

Vincent: The Exploited/Slayer version is a fun song to do live.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you ever thought about re-recording the first Body Count record because the production could be much better.

Vincent: That was a thought but why try to do something like that because it’s not original members, I mean us doing a live record would be us doing the same thing I mean the live dvd’s have been us playing those songs so there ya go. Ernie actually wanted that record to sound the way it sounds, he wanted to keep it garage, punk, garage...he wanted to make it sound like a kid mixed it.

Rock N Roll Experience: When Mayhem Fest is done what’s next for Body Count?

Juan: August 16 we’re doing Gwar-B-Q and that’s going to be alot of fun. Hatebreed’s on the bill, we are doing the Brooklyn New York Afro Punk Fest and Metal Montreal with Slayer, Metallica & Hatebreed.

Rock N Roll Experience: Will Ice-T join Gwar onstage to sing a song?

Vincent: You never know (laughs)



Author: Bob Suehs