Sep 12, 2014

LA Guns - Fish Head Cantina

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L.A. Guns / Whiskey & The Kidney Stones

September 12, 2014

Fish Head Cantina

Baltimore, MD

6 Days prior to this show Tracii Guns new band Devil City Angels played this club and I won’t lie, Devil City Angels pull off better renditions of the L.A. Guns material because the guitar work done by Tracii IS the classic L.A. Guns sound. I found myself annoyed with Michael’s guitar interpretations of “Electric Gypsy” and “Kiss My Love Goodbye” this night because Tracii’s style IS the sound for all of the classic L.A. Guns material and you suddenly realize just how perfect Mr. Blades was post Tracii.

Whiskey and the Kidney Stones opened the show with a kick ass 30 minute set that started loud & finished hard! Whiskey and the Kidney Stones are musically somewhere between Nashville Pussy meets AC/DC with a little Ted Nugent tossed in for good measure. Pay attention to the bands lyrics and you will get a little chuckle because their songs are very tongue in cheek with themes revolving around drinkin’, fightin’, & f**kin!

I have to address one major issue from this night; there was a rotten meat smell which consumed the entire front 1/2 of the club and I was honestly surprised no one bitched about it because it literally smelled horrendous in there!

L.A. Guns opened the show with “Sex Action” which led directly in to “Never Enough”. I give Phil and the boys credit for changing the set list because they played about 50% old material and 50% newer material. In reality I’m not quite sure which the crowd preferred, the new or the old....most of the crowd was drunk by the time L.A. Guns took the stage so in reality it probably didn’t matter at all!

The left side of the stage was clamored with women trying to get close to Phil and that was where Phil spent most of the night. At one point he turned around & pushed his ass to that side so they could grab his ass and he joked, “When the shows over I wanna get some sushi, get a shot, & squeeze some tits!”.

“Fairies Wear Boots” was played towards the middle of the set and that was actually a shocker to the crowd because that’s something the band doesn’t do too often!

I was a tad surprised to see the first set end with “Rip N Tear” and the encore consisted of 2 newer songs. The encore lacked the energy of “Rip N Tear” and it was definitely a mistake to not close with a big hit that everyone knew.

“Ballad of Jayne” was interesting because Phil has started to play a bit more of the song on guitar these days BUT what he does is still lackluster compared to how Tracii plays it; Phil is the voice of L.A. Guns BUT Tracii will always be the guitar of L.A. Guns and it’s sad that those 2 can’t put their differences aside & play together.

As far as the crowd goes, the place was packed and the entire floor was filled. There were easily 300+ people there to see the band and all in all it was a fun show.

At the end of the night I met this interesting woman who showed me her tattoos of Phil Lewis & Stephen Pearcy which I figured was an interesting way to close this article!

Author: Bob Suehs