Sep 25, 2014

The Call, These Raven Skies, Electric Wizard & more

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”Time To Die”

I wanted to love this record as soon as I saw the cover. The artwork is occult based, the graphics are cool, but the music falls in an area that’s more muddy and ambient than it is straight up rock.

Dark, bass heavy and somewhere between Doom and Stoner, the latest offering from Electric Wizard is an audio adventure for twisted souls who love the dark side. I enjoyed the music on this disc but what it lacks is an attractive element which makes the listener want to hear it over and over again aka there’s nothing commercial on this record. There are no “hits” on this record, there are not breakdowns which make you want more and the entire record is almost completely one tone.

This isn’t a bad record, it’s just not something I could listen to more than once.


”Featuring Robert Levon Been of B.R.M.C.”

This record schooled me on the music of The Call. Post Modern pre-alterna/indie rock, The Call reunited with their former singers son Robert Levon from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on vox. “Let The Day Begin” was my personal favorite off this disc because that song is the best “rock” track off this live disc. Overall I can’t say a bad word about this cd because it’s a tribute to Robert’s dad and he does a good job of keeping his dad’s legacy alive!



My first thoughts on this record are: Straight up hard rock and “No Need To Worry” actually has cowbell!

“The Garden” has an interesting opening that’s got a middle eastern vibe and throughout the record there are great mid tempo moments coupled with hard rock gravity.

“The Hooker” is the grand finale on this record and it’s a strong way to close the record off. These Raven Skies are a proper mix of Blue October meets Disturbed.


”Code Red”

I had no clue this record would be so diverse just based on the cd jacket. Musically the band is as diverse as Red Hot Chili Peppers just a tad heavier than the Peppers and there’s elements of funk, pop, rap, metal, rock, groove, etc. which make this record really hard to even explain.

The first song is like a metal mix of Carlos Santana, the 2nd song is like a Prince left over, The 3rd song is funky, the 4th song has a killer groove....the core element is that every song is played with amazing talent & solid writing.

“Fried Tongue” is my personal favorite but overall this record is an adventure for the ears, it’s an artistic venture that paid off in spades because I have not heard a record like this is atleast a decade and I say that in the best way possible!


”Dedicated Follower of Fashion”

London based singer/songwriter Chris Pope has a new single out which is an interesting teaser from his forthcoming record “Peace of Mind”.

This single is a Kinks classic and Pope & co. do a great job re-creating the track with vintage rock n roll energy.

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Author: Bob Suehs