Sep 25, 2014

Volbeat / 5FDP - Baltimore Arena

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September 26, 2014

Baltimore Arena

Baltimore, MD

I was initially shocked when I heard this bill was playing the Baltimore Arena because I didn’t believe either of these bands had a following large enough to pack an arena; My assumption was 1/2 correct. Arriving 15 minutes before Volbeat took the stage I surveyed an arena which had the entire upper level closed off, the mid level was packed fairly decent, but on the floor the entire back of the pit/general admission area was empty.

Volbeat & 5FDP did draw a large amount of people BUT the venue was far from sold out. I give both bands proper credit though because they brought an arena sized show filled with hit after hit.

Volbeat took the stage just before 8 PM and their set was relentless from start to finish! There’s just something about Volbeat which pumps up a crowd.... their energy, their stage presence, their commercial brand of rock which appeals to a vast array of rock fans; Volbeat are an amazing band to see live!

At one point Michael told the crowd he wanted to crowd surf & he picked a random dude in the audience with a blue shirt...he told the guy he was going to give him a free t-shirt then all of a sudden he jumped into the crowd & guided the crowd which way to take him so he could hand the guy his t-shirt!

The band played a brand new song which oddly enough reminded me of a Slayer-ish tribute.

Musically Volbeat sounded loud as hell yet clear as could be! “Falling” was my personal favorite of the set and it was dedicated to Michael’s dad as well as anyone else who’d lost someone special in their life.

Volbeat stole the show hands down and for their last song they invited all of the small children in the crowd to come up and stand onstage while they played the nights last song. Probably the funniest moment of Volbeat’s set was when Michael quipped, “Thank, wait, Thank Slayer!”

After Volbeat were finished a good portion of the crowd left which allowed the Five Finger Death Punch crowd to edge closer to the stage.

5FDP delivered a high energy show and whether you enjoy their music or not there’s no denying they have earned their place in the rock world. 2 of the band members took the stage dressed as skeletons and random clothing changes happened throughout their set.

Perhaps the only odd moment in the 5FDP set was when Ivan invited all of the small children in the crowd onstage and then he began chanting “Burn Mother F**Ker” while he was surrounded by little kids.

This show proved that despite rock music being a tad lost in 2014 it’s definitely NOT dead!



Author: Bob Suehs