Oct 7, 2014

Butcher Babies - Soundstage

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October 7, 2014


Baltimore, MD

Butcher Babies conjure up images of duct taped boobies for most metal fans....that’s what the band’s lead screamers were known for since the bands inception. The duct taped boobs were a selling point for the band and once they gained a small fanbase they banished the duct tape and wanted to be taken seriously.

Butcher Babies have been together for 5 years at this point and their sound/musical style has remained intact for the most part with just a bit of change in regards to the bands overall anger and angst that the early material had.

Butcher Babies embarked on their first ever headlining tour of the USA in the Fall of 2014 with a stop at Baltimore’s Soundstage on October 7, 2014. Just a block over Within Temptation were playing a show at Ram’s Head Live and it was interesting timing for both shows to happen on the same night within a block of each other.

Heidi and Carla ARE the stars of Butcher Babies and I always feel a little sorry for the guys in the band because no matter how much they try they will just never get the attention that Carla & Heidi do onstage.

Attendance wise the crowd was minimal with just around 75+ people clamored in Soundstage. Despite the crowd size I was impressed with the fact that they all knew most of the song lyrics and seemed to absorb every movement on that stage!

When Butcher Babies completed their set the lights dimmed and the entire venue became quiet! This was odd because most rock crowds will cheer and scream for the band to come back out for an encore....at this show the crowd was chill and when the bands intro tape started for their encore it was quiet....From start to finish this show had the least amount of crowd noise I’ve ever heard at a rock show!

Butcher Babies did a great job but the venue was too large for them to headline. I feel like they still need to open for larger bands to gain a broader fanbase before they can truly sell a headlining run well.

The most impressive part of this show was the Butcher Babies merch table; they had a ton o’ shirts, bags, necklaces, used guitar strings, etc., and their spread of merch was reminiscent of what KISS would have on an arena tour!

Author: Bob Suehs