Oct 18, 2014

Drivin N Cryin, Kingnaldo & more

Drivin N Cryin, Kingnaldo, & More!

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”Scarred But Smarter” DVD

“The Life N Times of Drivin N Cryin” is an American tale about a band who kinda made it yet went under the radar just enough to not really be known....if that doesn’t make sense to you then you “get” why Drivin N Cryin are not an international smash.

I’ll admit I knew the band primarily for that “Fly Me Courageous” song and oddly enough the band doesn’t even care for that song because their roots are a tad more folky & not hard rock at all. The band struggled to make it out of the Atlanta Indie rock scene with endless touring and solid shows yet they missed the mark due to their unwillingness to sell out. Ironically the band gained success when they did it up LA Rock style but that was short lived due to drug use and the band falling apart.

It is quite ironic that they chose to play their heavier material when they performed at Farm Aid because the bands country/folk rock side would have gone over well yet they were going against the grain at that point and playing hard rock!

Overall this is an interesting documentary because it explains why the band never went as far as some acts like Collective Soul....then there’s the random moment where you see someone pulling clumps of hair off the singers head....some things you will understand clearly when you watch this documentary while other moments will leave you scratching your head with confusion....welcome to the world of Drivin N Cryin!




Produced by Scott Weiland’s guitarist Doug Grean, this 8 track rock n roll roller coaster of a record is best described as a heavy jaunt into the dark subconscious of deep thoughts & chunky guitar licks.

The record starts off a tad slow but builds up steam with ever-changing guitar tones, differing vocal approaches, and overall steady change in each song which makes the record have a good feel.

The artwork matches the music; the music is dark yet artistically twisted. I enjoyed this disc & give the band props for a job well done.




New York Rock N Roll is alive and well via the latest opus from The Satisfactors! 12 songs chock full o’ rock n roll riffage ala The Rolling Stones & The New York Dolls coupled with raunchy vocals which this era hasn’t seen in a decade.

The sad reality is that this record came out 20 years too late to ever be a smash hit yet it’s invigorating to see/hear rock n roll is still alive in 2014!



”Wisdom Teeth”

Rich, vibrant, deep, and soulful.....the latest effort from Stella Peach (Stella Roshi-Moles) is an eclectic listen because it’s not a full on rock record nor does it really fall into any particular genre which you could label it with because the music is varied and enticing to the ears yet would probably be best labeled as adult contemporary because it lacks enough pop influence to really be commercial for pop/rock radio.



”Happy Halloween”

It’s interesting that Green Pajamas have been around since 1984 and outside of Seattle they are rarely known! This cd is a collection of their early work from 1984 which was never released on cd. Sound wise this entire disc was recorded direct to cassette so you do hear some tape hiss and sound limitations which gives the disc that old time feel/sound.

Somewhere between The Replacements & early Nirvana, this disc is an interesting listen because these songs could sound so much better re-recorded in a professional studio, these recordings are clearly demo tracks done on cassette.

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Author: Bob Suehs