Jan 24, 2015

Marilyn Manson, Johnny Thunders

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Marilyn Manson

“The Pale Emperor”

Tyler Bates is 100% responsible for the resurrection of Marilyn Manson in 2015!

Musically, Marilyn Manson has not sounded this cohesive as a “band” in quite a few years but with the release of “The Pale Emperor” equal parts “Mechanical Animals” & “Antichrist Superstar” are represented while a “new” style is also introduced. Most of the music on this record is less “heavy” stylistically but “heavier” in vibe and style which makes a song like “Warship My Wreck” so powerful.

I did find it interesting that Twiggy Ramirez was not involved with any of the writing/recording for this record because he’s the last piece of the old school Manson puzzle that’s still a part of the band yet he didn’t participate at all in the evolution of the new era.

“Birds of Hell Awaiting” is the stand out track on this record because it has something that the rest of the tracks on this record don’t.

As a whole I would say this is the best record Manson has done in many years and proof that in 2015 MM still has some life left in him!


Looking For Johnny

“The Legend of Johnny Thunders” DVD

This documentary on the rise and fall of Johnny Thunders is the definitive be all/end all on the life and times of Johnny Thunders.

It’s interesting to see how Johnny influenced so many players in the New York scene & later the L.A. Hair Metal scene yet managed to live a very low key life which ended tragically due to Johnny not addressing his health issues.

There’s a few moments in the film that show an ugly side to Johnny when his drug problem started to get really bad and it’s sad that such a promising artist let his talent go for drug use.

In reality, the short period of time that Johnny spent in the New York Dolls is what he’s best known for yet his solo career was where she shined the brightest.

Probably the best clip in this film is the Howie Pyro interview and I won’t tell you the details of that interview, you have to see it for yourself, but the first time Howie met Johnny it was not under good circumstances and Howie tells that story in this documentary!


Positive Force: More Than A Witness

“30 Years of Punk Politics in Action” DVD

This dvd sheds light on the political side of punk rock that started in the early 80’s & spanned some 30 years. It’s interesting that I live in Maryland yet never really knew the DC punk scene was such a strong force in local politics in the mid 80’s & early 90’s.

On some levels the grass roots efforts that early bands like Fugazi & Scream did by alerting their young fan base as to what the government was doing created a stirring force amongst the youth to make changes yet in reality I question just how effective the efforts of punk rockers truly were when you realize that the political process simply is what it is.

The Dave Grohl interview was interesting because he realizes during the interview that his first live show ever was with Scream at Johns Hopkins at a protest show.

Author: Bob Suehs