Jan 31, 2015

Crash Midnight, Mr Moonshine, Stuyvesant & more

Category: CD/Video Reviews




Moody, Artistic, Brooding, and Drama-tastically obtuse....Those are words I’d use to describe this dreamy sounding record which creates a trippy soundscape for the soundtrack to your life.

The 12 tracks on this record are mellow rock with a modern feel and at times I’m reminded of Radiohead when I listen to this disc.



“Lost In The City”

Fast paced, high energy, blues based rock n roll that fits in well with the old school Sunset Strip sound from an era long lost.

Musically the band sounds great & every song on this disc is chock full o’ riffs & strong vocals.



“Agitation Systems”

“Epoch” is the opening track on this EP and the music that accompanies the off the wall vocals on this song are best described as an interesting mash up of weird notes frantically played in a style that’s avantguard jazz meets acoustic hardcore!

The vocals on this disc are hardcore styled yet the music is mellow yet still frantic. I actually enjoyed this record because it is so different compared to what’s out there now. I’m not so certain the music buying public will enjoy this unique blend of styles but for music lovers this one is fun.

Kudos to Stamping Mill for creating such an original sounding record!




90’s style with a sense of humor, great guitar tone, and an overall PIXIES sound. Indie rock with an electrified edge/grit sums up how Stuyvesant sounds for the most part.

I do believe that if this record had came out in 1993 this band could have been a big deal because the style they play reminds me of all that era....the songs are well crafted, the amps are cranked loud & the vocals are clean. I give the band props for recording a stellar record & for writing a song entitled “Hellbent For Heather” (Kids might not “get” the Priest reference but I did!!) they definitely earned my respect!



“Say A Little Prayer For The Ramen King”

Funky, quirky, off the wall, and hard to categorize at times....the latest release from Otonana Trio is a hard to explain yet easy to absorb listen.

Author: Bob Suehs