Feb 4, 2015

SnoCore Tour 2015 (Flyleaf) - Rams Head Live

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SnoCore Tour 2015

featuring:  Flyleaf, Adelitas Way, Framing Hanley

February 4, 2015

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

The 2015 Installment of the annual SnoCore tour made stopped in Baltimore, Maryland on a balmy February evening.

Fit For Rivals opened the show with a solid set of upbeat, poppy hard rock that mixed alternative with modern rock. The crowd was a tad small for their set but once Adelitas Way took the stage the venue floor was filled.


Framing Hanley were 2nd on the bill and vocalist Nixon commands the stage with his emo-tastic energy.

Adelitas Way came out to “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones as their into song and what’s immediately noticeable about Adelitas Way is how “different” each band member looks. There is no uniformity amongst the band members “look” and I’m not sure if it works well or plays against the band. Their singer looks like he just got off work, their guitarist looks like a dark haired Joe Dirt, their bassist is a metal guy, and their drummer is probably the only “rocker” in the band.

Flyleaf owned the night and their large backdrop proved they were the nights main attraction!

The band was clearly on fire throughout the entire night and I found it interesting how they mixed equal parts new material with older material. I caught Flyleaf right after Lacey had left and felt like the band was “iffy” because their identity had changed once they added the new singer. My opinion was altered once I witnessed the band on this night though because new singer Kristen May stepped up to the plate and owns her role as the lead singer for Flyleaf now.

“So Sick” was the nights closer and what’s interesting about how Flyleaf exited the stage is that they waved goodbye, said thank you, and just walked off....no guitar picks/drum sticks tossed, no hand shakes, they just exit and then come out to the merch table to sign autographs less than 20 minutes after their set ended!

Just a heads up, if you buy a Flyleaf scarf at the show they will invite you to come onstage and dance while they play one song.



Author: Bob Suehs