Apr 7, 2015

That Metal Show (Zakk Wylde & Kerry King) - NYC

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That Metal Show Taping

featuring: Kerry King (Slayer), Zakk Wylde, & Lzzy Hale

April 7, 2015

New York City

Rock N Roll Experience was fortunate enough to attend a taping of VH-1’s 2015 season of “That Metal Show” on April 7, 2015 in New York. Before the show started to film Zakk Wylde took the 2nd stage to begin warming up with a 5 minute guitar solo that entertained the audience.


The initial show taping was just under an hour in length and the show hosts did an excellent job of filming the entire show in almost totally one take with just a few small moments where retakes were required.

Kerry King was the first guest and he refused to tell the title of the soon to be released Slayer record. Between every commercial break Zakk Wylde played his heart out and the funniest Zakk moment was when he was told by the producer that he had 3 or 4 minutes to “Go wild!” during his segment at the end of the show.....10 minutes later Zakk was still playing and the producer was giving the “Cut” gesture. After a certain point the producer clearly said “f**k it!” and sat down while Zakk jammed way past his given time allotment!

Lzzy Hale was the nights 2nd guest and she came across very friendly and polite while joking with Zakk & Kerry about being their little sister in the metal world.


Once filming completed the “after show” taped for a few minutes and that’s where Zakk put down his guitar and took the stage with the rest of the panel to discuss sports & Ozzy’s penis.

At the end the audience was allowed to meet King, Wylde, and Halestorm in a very casual atmosphere which was very different than your usual meet and greet scenario.

What actually airs on “That Metal Show” is 99% of what you see during the taping of the show...the show is as close to being live as it gets for being pre-taped!


Author: Bob Suehs