May 30, 2015

1349 / Necrophagia - Ottobar

Necrophagia / 1349 - 5/30/15 @ Ottobar!


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Necrophagia/ 1349

May 30, 2015


Baltimore, MD

1349 Set List: Inferno, Sculptor of Flesh, Slaves, Buried, Chasing Dragons, Post Mortem, Chained, Manifest, Fear, Nathicana, Human, Exorcism, Horns, Serpentine, Tunnel of Set 1, Atomic Chapel, Golem, Cauldron

This was night #1 of this tour and leading into this show I knew very little about the bands on the bill other than what I knew about Necrophagia. Necrophagia had a famous previous member, Mr. Phil Anselmo, who was the bands guitarist at one point.

The crowd this night was not large, the vibe was evil, and the room was chill. Necrophagia was starting point for me and once Killjoy and his crew took the stage I wasn’t sure what to expect. Killjoy is the founding member of Necrophagia and he’s a short, stocky gentleman who covered his face with choppy face paint which made him look 1/2 burnt. The first thing I chuckled at was that Killjoy clearly shopped at Hot Topic because the Motley Crue shirt he wore was a Hot Topic exclusive!

Musically, Necrophagia were loud, heavy, and intense. The crowd devoured every note the band churned out and watching the them do their thing was inspiring because they are an American Death Metal band that’s remained active since 1983 yet virtually unknown. Necrophagia had the coolest shirts of the tour too....most of their designs were occult related and what struck me while watching the band is that they would be PERFECT to tour with Wizard because they are very similar in many ways.

1349 were the nights headliner and they brought a black metal experience to the tiny Ottobar stage complete with upside down crosses, deep red lighting, and heavy Gene Simmons styled face paint!

1349 were loud as f**k and what separates 1349 from bands like Mayhem or Watain is their overall presence. 1349 don’t come off as angry, pissed off people....they sport the evil face paint, spikes, and upside-down crosses yet seem like happy go lucky dudes.

When band finished their last song a rabid fan dove onstage asking for autographs and the band graciously signed the fans poster. To my shock no security was present to stop the stage crasher which could have been a very awkward moment for the band.

This was hands down one of the best death metal shows I’ve seen in quite some time because the bands were “real”, they gave a show, they sounded good, and there was no “rock star” attitude where the bands acted like they were better than the crowd.



Author: Bob Suehs