Jun 18, 2015

The Toadies - Soundstage

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The Toadies

June 18, 2015


Baltimore, MD

90’s rock has made a strong comeback over the past past 2 years with acts like Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Pixies playing sold out shows across the States. The Toadies were one of the lesser known acts from that era who’s biggest hit was an erie song which asked, “Do You Want To Die” repeatedly.

Vaden and the boys tore it up on June 18 at Baltimore Soundstage with a 90+ minute set that covered most of the the bands albums and featured the most random covers tossed in between songs.

“Poison” by BelBivDevo, “La Grange” by ZZ Top, “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh, just to name a few, were all randomly tossed in during breaks between songs.

The Toadies sounded amazing and it’s interesting that the band still plays the older material with just as much passion as they did back in the day! “Backslider” was the opening number and it evolved quickly into “Little Sin” which rocked hard!

“Man of Stone” was 3rd in the set and that song was my absolute favorite of the night because the string bends that open the song remind me of a harder version of “Honkey Tonk Woman” by The Rolling Stones; overall the song is just an epic monument to all that is rock music!

I’m always surprised that they play “Possum Kingdom” midway through the set instead of closing with it since it IS the bands biggest hit.

The Toadies played a 3 song encore and ended the night with “Tyler” which sounded tight. The set flowed so well that the 90 minutes they spent on stage felt like 9 minutes and I think I speak for the entire crowd when I say this was one helluva rock show!

Vaden joked with the crowd before debuting a new song off their forthcoming record by saying that he knew the “new” song would be for free on the internet like most of The Toadies music is. The new song featured Vaden playing a 12 string acoustic guitar and it was an interestingly melancholy rocker!

Author: Bob Suehs