Jun 27, 2015

Blacklist Union and more

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Blacklist Union

“Back to Momo”

“Back to Momo” is the best independently released rock record for 2015 featuring 13 hard rockin’ numbers with NO ballads - just balls! The latest release from Blacklist Union is a full throttled rocker that reminds me of old school 80’s hard rock. Fueled by chunky riffs, scorching solo’s, solid rhythm, and searing vocals, “Alive N Well...” opens the record on an upbeat while “Read Between The Lines” ends with a mid eastern kinda rock n roll feel.

Musically this record is the answer to everything that rock has been lacking for quite some time. Blacklist Union’s song writing has developed and at this point I’d say the band is in their prime and ready to conquer the world; that’s how solid this record truly is!

What attracted me to this disc from the get-go was the darkness it has within the writing; the music is very 80’s Sunset Strip inspired BUT the lyrics and overall content grasp onto some modern day grit and it’s what makes it relatable in 2015. Please check this band out and help bring back rock n roll! www.blacklistunion.com www.facebook.com/blacklistunionrocks



Moon Rain

Canadian rockers Instanika get an award for the most unique band name ever and their music oddly enough matches the name because this record opens with an off the wall melodic rock track that leads into “Vroom Vroom” which is a hooky 70’s styled rocker.

“Living it All” reminds me of an 80’s styled song done in a 70’s style; it has this Van Halen quality to it.

“Champagne Lady” is lo-fi with a hook that reminds me of Ted Nugent on many levels.

The interesting thing about this record is the diversity in styles; some tracks are straight up riff rock, some are mellow, some are harder than others, and there’s alot of emotion in the writing on a musical level.


Rank Strangers


Indie pop rock that has a slightly 70’s feel due in part to the experimentation's and open grooves yet very 80’s in the overall tone...that’s how I’d describe this record.

There’s moments where the rhythm will drive the songs to a point where they could have gone in a heavy direction yet EVERY song has a straight up rock direction with no aggression or heaviness.

If I had to compare this act to another artist I would say that they are the bastard children of Ween and The Flaming Lips

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Author: Bob Suehs