Aug 26, 2015

Motley Crue / Alice Cooper - Royal Farms Arena

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Motley Crue / Alice Cooper

August 16, 2015

Royal Farms Arena

Baltimore, MD

Motley Crue made a drastic error having Alice Cooper open for them because despite the massive stage production The Coop blew Motley away!

Motley Crue’s 2 year Farewell Fiesta stopped in Baltimore on August 26 and the show itself was fun BUT most of that was due to the crowd’s anticipation for the show. The crowd was older and many of these people were clearly going to say goodbye to a band they grew up with which was bittersweet because you could see they were clearly kissing a part of their youth goodbye.

The tickets, the merch, the beer’s....all over priced. What killed part of the experience was how EVERYTHING was a buck at this show. The careless, reckless side of Motley Crue was long gone and now it’s all about the $$$$$.

Alice Cooper blew Motley off the stage with his band, his show, and his overall vibe. The guillotine cut off Alice’s head, the Frankenstein Alice walked the stage, and in general the production, sound, and all aspects of Alice’s set were far superior to what Motley delivered.

Motley opened with “Girls, Girls, Girls” which wasn’t the best opener in my opinion. The show started off more like a “Greatest Hits Vegas Revue” than a rock show. I would have opened the show with “In The Beginning” and started with “Shout at the Devil” because that’s what most Crue fans wanted in the first place.

“Looks That Kill” & “S.A.T.D.” were the only songs performed off the “S.A.T.D.” record and “Live Wire” was the only song performed from the “T.F.F.L.” record. Talking to several fans most agreed that a few more “older” songs would have been nice since this was the last tour. Motley tossed in 2 covers, “Smokin in the Boys Room w/ Gary Glitter intro” & “Anarchy in the UK” which sounded good BUT were odd choices for the set list considering this was their last tour....Motley have enough originals that stand on their own and tossing in covers is something a smaller band needs to do.


I have no idea why they decided to toss in 2 songs off the “Saint of Los Angeles” record for their farewell tour because those were the 2 songs that people used as bathroom breaks and moments to update their facebook status. During “Saints of Los Angeles” it was painfully obvious that there were backing guitar tracks because when Mick played his solo you still heard the rhythm guitar track playing!

Speaking of description of Mick’s solo before “Saints of Los Angeles” is that it was a 6 minute death ride. Mick can still play guitar, he’s hasn’t lost his ability to jam, BUT his solo was literally 6 minutes of him just playing with his whammy bar and using a whammy pedal. Amateur doesn’t even describe what he did on stage this night and I’m not trying to be harsh, Mick has always been my favorite member of Motley!

The other lull in the set was Tommy’s drum solo. If you take a burnt cake and toss tons of icing on it with sprinkles it might look better BUT when you bite into it the bad taste is still there, it’s just covered up! That’s what Tommy’s drum coaster is/was. It looked cool BUT in reality the thing moves slow and Tommy didn’t play anything amazing, he simply kept time/beat with dubstep, dance, hip hop mash ups. What Tommy always forgets is that the core CRUE fanbase are older and are there to hear rock music; he always tried to mix his rap stuff in the mix and it never went well with that crowd. The drum coaster looked cool in theory BUT it was yet another extended break for Nikki and Vince to change clothes, count up how much they made on merch, and probably eat something.


Vince his credit he dressed appropriately for his size, BUT, I don’t understand why he didn’t hire a trainer and get in shape for the tour! Vince was more bloated than ever and I am surprised he was able to keep the pace he did. Vince was clearly winded during some moments of the set and he reminded me of the fat/bloated Vegas era Elvis if I’m being honest.

Motley Crue’s farewell show should have been the last night of the “New Tattoo” tour because where they are now is slightly painful to experience. If you go to the show expecting a tight band in their prime you will be let down. If you have a few beers, smoke plenty of weed, and expect a train wreck you will love the show. For me personally, I’ve seen Motley many times over the years and this show was just sub par compared to what they delivered in the past.


Author: Bob Suehs