Sep 28, 2015

Today Is The Day / Abigail Williams - Orpheus

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Today Is The Day / Abigail Williams

September 28, 2015

Club Orpheus

Baltimore, MD

Club Orpheus is a quaint goth dance club and until recently I never felt like it was a proper venue for live music because the club had no stage and the live sound was atrocious. I was shocked to see an actual stage in place and the sound was actually decent when Today is the Day performed at Orpheus on September 28, 2015!

Several local acts opened the show and the most memorable one performed a set which was barely 45 seconds long and was essentially some kids smashing a drum kit.

Abigail Williams are an interesting metal band who’s sound is simple, direct, and heavy as hell! Most of the band sported hoodies throughout their set and style wise Abigail Williams are shoegaze metal.

My only complaint about the Abigail Williams set was the length; the band performed barely 40 minutes and by the time they were just getting warmed up they thanked the crowd and packed up their gear.

Steve Austin is the only original member of Today Is The Day but as tight as the band were this night you would swear this was the same line up from day one! The current drummer for Today Is The Day destroyed his drum kit and what I will always remember about this show was witnessing him take his shirt off after the set and literally ringing a small bucket of sweat from his shirt!

Musically I would say Today is The Day are a mix of Helmet meets Every Time I Die; their sound is equal parts hardcore coupled with experimental metal which creates this weird hybrid of frantic, fast paced, angry-core metal.

Today is The Day played a little over an hour and impressed the crowd at hand with their energy driven performance. Orpheus is an odd venue to see a live show at because it is a dance club; the recent improvements the venue has made for it’s live shows are a step in the right direction.

Author: Bob Suehs