Oct 15, 2015

Stars and the Sea - In The Killing Fields of Lovers

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Stars and the Sea

“In The Killing Fields of Lovers”

Stars and The Sea have been a staple to the Baltimore music scene for several years and with the release of their latest EP “In The Killing Fields of Lovers” the band fuses goth elements with post modern, pop, and rock to create their own style and sound. Musically the songs on this release are a tad more upbeat and less gloomy than their previous releases. The song writing has evolved to a point where they clearly know who they are and are confident enough to show it off.

This EP is hands down the most ambitious release Stars and the Sea have recorded to date and alot of that has to do with the band performing constantly and gelling together as players. “On and On” opens the record and it’s probably my favorite song because it’s simple and to the point. What works really well with this EP is that it’s not too long and every song delivers the message very quickly. “Naked” has a vocal quality that is somewhere between Johnny Cash and Peter Murphy; it’s a fun song and what I enjoy most about this EP is that the vocals are loud and clear in the mix. Shane’s vocals have a Lou Reed/Peter Murphy quality and on past releases I always felt like his vocals were a tad too low in the mix; with this EP all vocals are up front and clear.

On a closing note I have to mention the artwork; it fits the music perfectly and looks really cool! For more info on the band check out starsandthesea.com

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Author: Bob Suehs