Oct 11, 2015

Atreyu / Unearth / Wovenwar - Soundstage

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Atreyu / Unearth / Wovenwar

October 11, 2015


Baltimore, MD

ATREYU Set List: Long Live, Becoming The Bull, Right Side, Crimson, So Others May Live, Bleeding Is A Luxury, When Two Are One, My Fork In The Road, Bon Jovi, Start To Break, Blow, Bleeding Mascara, Lip GLoss and Black, Do You Know Who You Are, Exs and Ohs

Formed in 1998, Atreyu took the world by storm with a sound that was more metal core than hard rock and their 2 vocal attack was their calling card. Alex anchored the screaming while Brandon handled the clean vocals; the band defined their sound and style with layered guitar solos, strong choruses, and overall solid song writing.

I arrived in the middle of Wovenwar’s set and was impressed with their style and sound. Musically Wovenwar are straight up modern hard rock/metal and the crowd enjoyed their set.

Unearth played an hour and covered all of their releases quite well. Unearth have always delivered a strong live show with a killer twin guitar attack and on this night their guitarists left the stage in favor of playing on the venues side bar.

Atreyu took a 2 year hiatus and in theory one never knows if taking too much time off is good or bad because often times an audience will forget about you if you are gone too long. I was pleasantly surprised to see Soundstage packed on a Sunday night and the crowd was clearly there to see Atreyu and have a good time!

Barely 10 minutes into the set Brandon broke one of his bass drum heads and he joked that it was the reason he had 3 bass drums in his drum kit. Alex spent more time singing IN the crowd that he did onstage and at one point Marc walked off the stage and played bass at pretty much every spot through the crowd; the crowd was not aware that he was standing right next to many of them for almost an entire song!

“You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi was performed and it was no big surprise that the crowd sang every single word to that song!

Toward the end of the show Atreyu played a partial ZZ Top cover and the night ended with “Exs and Ohs”. I was impressed with how tight Atreyu were onstage; I feel like they are a much better band now than they were a few years prior because the chemistry onstage amongst the band members is clearly there and they all seemed to have the time of their lives playing on this night.


Author: Bob Suehs