Oct 19, 2015

Doyle - Ottobar

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Doyle / The Family Ruin / Hatchet

October 19, 2015


Baltimore, MD

It’s interesting how Danzig played in Philly on Oct 16, Doyle played Maryland on Oct 19, and 2 days later Jerry & the Misfits played Maryland on Oct 22; technically speaking there was a Misfits reunion here despite the fact that none of them played on the same date.

Doyle returned to Baltimore on October 19 and this time around he performed at a larger venue more suited for his type of rock show. There were a few local openers whom I missed because there were 6 bands performing this night.


Hatchet sounded decent and brought an old school thrash style to the room but the crowd was so tiny that the room felt empty while the band churned out their set.

The funniest part of Hatchet’s set was when the bands lead singer/guitarist fell onstage yet played it off as if it were part of the show!

The Family Ruin were direct support for Doyle and I enjoyed their high energy set which was nu-metal influenced yet very modern sounding.


The Family Ruin are from England but if you never heard them speak you would swear they were American! The small crowd made the show feel very intimate but moments in the show where the bands would ask for crowd participation was where the lack of a crowd became noticeably obvious!

Doyle was the main attraction and his guitar tone was so distorted that it hurt! If you stood too close to Doyle’s side you only heard Doyle with almost NO vocals in the mix. Alex Story is the perfect front man for Doyle BUT what caught me off guard was all the major lacerations Alex has on his arms. I’m not sure what happened BUT you can clearly see in the pic posted with this review that BOTH of his arms have deep, deep cuts which look like they were caused by Edward Scissorhands!

Around a dozen Misfits covers were played with “Green Hell”, “Last Caress” and “Die, Die, My Darling” being the ones I knew due to Metallica covering them!

Doyle’s band is 100% superior to the current touring version of The Misfits and ironically the day after this show Glenn Danzig announced that he was officially done touring. My only complaint about the Doyle show would simply be his guitar tone which could stand to lose some gain in favor of some decent mids.


Author: Bob Suehs