Oct 24, 2015

Rage Against the Machine & more

Category: CD/Video Reviews


The Ghost Ease


Fuzzy, raw, grit soaked guitar tones coupled with soft femme vocals which are played in a garage band styled garble; that’s what Portland’s The Ghost Ease sound like. The bands new release is titled “Raw” and it’s also a pretty accurate description for the bands simple, pure, rock n roll tones which fill this disc.

Musically every song blends together to create a thick, vibrant, musical web that the listener will get caught up in.



Hotting Up

Radio friendly with an interesting hybrid of reggae and rock, the latest effort from Iration is a well produced, well written record chock full of hooks and jams that take the listener to a mellow spot.

The title track is probably my personal favorite and overall I’m reminded of Sublime when I listen to this record.


Rage Against the Machine

Live at Finsbury Park DVD

This dvd is far more than just a concert film; it’s a celebratory victory proving that rock fans can make a difference. In 2009 there was a UK competition which basically put Simon Cowell’s Xfactor against Rage Against the Machine....the result was RATM’s single “Killing in the Name of” being the UK’s most downloaded song of all time and in celebration the band played a free concert which is what you see on this dvd.

The original line up of RATM tear through all the classics and “Freedom” is my personal favorite because they still play that song with just as much passion as they did when it was released.

Watching this dvd is a nice blast from the past BUT also makes me kind of sad because the band are clearly still able to play well together yet they chose to abandon RATM and move onto other musical endeavors.

Author: Bob Suehs