Oct 28, 2015

Garbage - 9:30 Club (night #1)

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Garbage / Torres

October 28, 2015

9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Garbage Set List: Subhuman, Supervixen, Queer, Girl Don’t Come, As Heaven is Wide, Butterfly Collector, Not My Idea, Driving Lesson, Milk, Fix Me Now, My Lover’s Box, Sleep, Vow, Dog New Tricks, A Stroke of Luck, Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl, #1 Crush, ENCORE: Kick My Ass, Trip My Wire, Bad Boyfriend, Why Do You Love Me?

Garbage chose Washington, DC as the stop that would close their 2015 “20 Years Queer” USA tour and as an added bonus they made it a 2 night stand which was also filmed for future use.


Torres opened the show at 8 PM sharp and their ambient set was a tad....dare I say, boring?! Torres were good but a more upbeat opener would have suited the bill better.


Garbage’s stage set up featured an array of empty amp cabs in the background which gave the “big rock” feel to the stage despite the fact that they play direct to the board and have no live amps onstage.

The show started with a short documentary on the bands first album and once the film ended the band took the stage behind a white curtain to perform “Subhuman” in silhouette form. “Subhuman” led into “Supervixen” which is where the large white curtain dropped to reveal the band in all their glory! Duke sported a reverends collar which was pink, Steve was dressed in all black from head to toe, Butch was hidden behind the drum kit for most of the night and Shirley returned to her early goth roots with black tattered leggings, a short black shirt, and pink boa on the mic stand.


Midway through the set Shirley was so into her performance that she began ripping her leggings off and if you look at the pics in this review you can see where she started to tear them off.

“Butterfly Collector” sounded absolutely amazing and I was pleased to see them perform that song live since they rarely performed it on previous tours. “Driving Lesson” was an odd number to see performed live because it felt like it was a song never really meant for the live stage.


“Vow” was perhaps the most volatile moment in the set where Shirley clearly took out some rage with the lyrics and particularly the ending which was a rant she used to do several tours back. “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy Pop was teased briefly towards the end of the set and overall I was impressed how the band still delivers onstage.


The overall set list has stayed the same for almost every show with the exception of the last 2 songs in the encore...on this night they closed with “Bad Boyfriend” and “Why Do You Love Me?” which was a perfect ending for a perfect show.



Author: Bob Suehs