Nov 8, 2015

Dead Sara - Ottobar

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Dead Sara / The Bots

November 8, 2015


Baltimore, MD

I was not planning to write a review of this show because I went to this one for enjoyment; I assumed it was a “night off” from working every show and that I could stand in the crowd like a fan and just me “normal”. My “night off” was destroyed when I witnessed the sheer power, passion, and awesomeness that is Dead Sara!

The Bots were direct support for Dead Sara and the band is a duo who’s obvious influence is The White Stripes. The Bots were interesting to watch BUT lack the “feel” of a full band due in part to there being no live bass or additional musicians onstage to fill out the live sound. The crowd enjoyed The Bots set and I felt like they were the perfect openers. I wish they had live bass or an additional guitarist to fill out the sound which would also limit some of the backing tracks The Bots used to fill out their live sound.

When Dead Sara took the stage I had no expectations because I’d only seen them perform on Youtube and had no idea Emily Armstrong was such a powerhouse vocalist!

Emily commands your attention with her stage moves, head banging, and overall presence BUT her voice is the vehicle that makes Dead Sara so special. Emily’s voices are passionate, strong, powerful, dark, gritty, and absolutely mind blowing! There’s no singer in current modern rock that can hold a candle to Emily’s vocal ability!

Siouxsie nailed her guitar parts perfectly while Sean & Chris kept the rhythm tight. What makes Dead Sara such an amazing live act is how they perform onstage together; the band is clearly a unit and they all fit perfectly together with Emily’s vocals being the icing on the cake.

I rarely enjoy when a band performs too many covers in their set BUT Dead Sara tastefully tossed in random excerpts of “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and a complete cover of “Killing in the Name of” by Rage Against the Machine with an outro of “Freedom” also by Rage A.T.M.

“Weatherman” closed out the show and led into a superb acapella rendition of “Amazing Grace” which closed out the show. I will state for the record that Dead Sara’s performance on this night blew me away! I have not seen a band perform like that in several years! Musically, vocally, and even personality wise, Dead Sara were firing on all cylinders and they kicked this crowds ass! For the record, I was also impressed that Dead Sara were able to pack the Ottobar in Downtown Baltimore on a Sunday night because I had no clue they even had a fan base in Maryland!



Author: Bob Suehs