Jan 8, 2016

Hinder / Shamans Harvest - Soundstage

Hinder & Shaman's Harvest 1/8/16 @ Baltimore Soundstage
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Baltimore Soundstage

Baltimore, MD


Shaman’s Harvest Set List:

Blood, Here It Comes, Devil’s Gift, Dangerous, Dirty Diana (MJ cover), In Chains, Hero, Country as Fuck, Strike, Dragon Fly


Hinder’s Set List:

Use Me, Homecoming Queen, Whatcha Gonna Do, Up All Nite, Hit The Ground, 2 Sides of Me, How Long, Intoxicated, Wicked Garden (STP cover), Wasted Life, See You In Hell, Lips Of An Angel, All American, Better Than Me, Get Stoned


The interesting factoid about this show was how so few people in attendance actually knew Hinder had a brand new singer!  I literally had people tapping me on the shoulder during Hinder’s set asking, “Who is this band?” because they didn’t see Winkler onstage!


I arrived as Within Reason were starting their set and I did not realize this was the same band that opened for Buckcherry last summer until I spotted the bands drummer and realized I knew him through a mutual friend.  Within Reason’s current drummer is a fill in while the bands actual drummer takes some time off to deal with personal matters.  Within Reason sounded much better on this night than they did last year when I caught them.

Shaman’s Harvest was the band I was primarily there for.  Shaman’s have a great buzz on Sirius Radio and their live show was everything I hoped it would be!

Gritty vocals, chunky guitar tone, strong guitar solo’s, solid rhythm; Shaman’s Harvest delivered a kick ass, strong ROCK set!

The sound mix for Shaman’s Harvest was perfect and the only flub in the set was when the lead vocals dropped out for a minute.

“Country As Fuck” was the song that made my jaw drop because it’s a fast, fun, crazy rocker that made the entire crowd move!  From my vantage point Shaman’s Harvest were the best band of the night and oddly enough I noticed that the crowd had downsized by the time Hinder took the stage!



Hinder have a new singer and the difference was immediately noticeable!  Marshal Dutton took the stage playing a blistering guitar solo and part of me was hoping that Marshal played guitar for the entire show because in all honesty he was better than the 2 original guitarists for Hinder!


Marshal is more suited for a band like New Found Glory than for Hinder and my first impression was that it looked like Hinder was being fronted by a Morrissey look-alike.


I won’t lie; Hinder without Austin on vocals is an absolute let down and I can’t see Hinder continuing for much longer.  Hinder are still solid as a band BUT Austin was the “thing” that made Hinder what it was and to continue on without Austin is basically a joke.


I was amazed how so few people at this show knew Austin was gone and the craziest part was the dudes selling bootleg Hinder shirts outside; they were selling shirts with Austin’s face on them!  Marshal is a great frontman, he was full of energy, did an amazing job of keeping the show moving, yet was just not "right" for Hinder in my opinion.


Author: Bob Suehs