Jan 27, 2016

Red Sun Rising - Soundstage

Red Sun Rising @ Soundstage
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Red Sun Rising



Baltimore, Maryland

 Hailing from Akron, Ohio and jammin’ across the United States on their very first headlining tour, Red Sun Rising played a blistering hour long set on this night which offered up an interesting style of 90’s rock coupled with current modern rock.


Lead singer Mike Protich is an interesting character because during the first 2 songs of their set he performed on a mini stage placed all the way in the back and it was reminiscent of Maynard from TOOL.  As soon as the 2nd song finished Mike took to the front of the stage and this was probably done to mess with the pro photographers.

If you have Sirius XM you may have heard the bands Alanis Morissette cover which they also performed at this show.

 Red Sun Rising sounded great, their overall mix was clear, and  the band was full of energy.   The crowd was tiny devoured everything the band gave them and overall it was a solid set.

Author: Bob Suehs