Feb 26, 2016

Led Zeppelin 2 - Fillmore

Led Zeppelin 2 @ The Fillmore
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February 26, 2016

The Fillmore

Silver Spring, Maryland

 Led Zeppelin 2 rolled through the Maryland area on their “How the Midwest Was Won” tour and what astounded me was how the entire floor of the venue was packed!  I’ve witnessed national rock acts that couldn’t bring in 1/2 as many people that this Led Zep tribute act did!

 Bruce Lamont is the Robert Plant of the band and leads the band through most of the set but from my vantage point Paul Kamp was the star of the show with his trademark styled Jimmy Page riffs.

 “Immigrant Song” was the opener of the night and it was interesting how they covered all the hits early on and went into a mellower unplugged direction by the middle of the show.

 “Moby Dick” featured a drum solo that was a tad shorter than what Bonzo did back in the day and much of the set was guitar heavy which is why I considered the show to be heavily influenced by Jimmy Page more than the other members of Zep.

 It was fun watching the crowd because you would have sworn they were witnessing the “real” Led Zep as they sang, jumped, and danced the night away.

 Led Zeppelin 2 did a great job of recreating the Zep experience and in terms of both music and visuals, Led Zeppelin 2 is the best Zep tribute act out there!

Author: Bob Suehs