Mar 5, 2016

Slayer / Testament - Fillmore

Slayer & Testament at the Fillmore!
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March 5, 2016

The Fillmore

Silver Spring, Maryland

Slayer Set List:  Repentless, Post Mortem, Born, Disciple, God Send, War Ensemble, Stillness, You Against You, Mandatory Suicide, God Hate Us All, Chemical, Take Control, Pride, Payback, Seasons In The Abyss, Hell Awaits, Dead Skin Mask, WPB, South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Black, Angel of Death

Testament Set List:  Intro, DNR, Legions Of The Dead, Rise Up, Dog Faced Gods, New Order, Practice What You Preach, Into The Pit, Formation

 Everything about this concert screamed old school thrash metal and the fact that it was a sold out show on a Saturday night made it even better!

 Carcass opened the show but I arrived just as their set had ended. 

 Testament’s stage space was minimal and at times Chuck looked like he needed a little more room to move around because he came close to walking into the drum kit at times due in part to Slayer’s gear taking up most of the stage.

 I was not impressed with Testament’s sound on this night; their overall mix was muddy and if you catch  Testament when they headline they usually sound clear.  

 Testament’s set was short, to the point, and intense.  Chuck Billy alway’s seems to have such a good time onstage, he’s constantly smiling, interacting with the crowd, and is appreciative to be on stage.

 The 2 merch stands had a common theme; ALL t-shirts were $40.  Slayer had quite an interesting spread of merch but the guys outside selling their usual $10 bootleg shirts seemed to get more love on this night.

 Taking a peak at Slayer’s pedal boards I saw Gary Holt using a Jerry Cantrell model Cry Baby and Kerry had a Zakk Wylde distortion pedal in his chain.

 Slayer in 2016 is a tad different than how they started; the band is just as intense as their rabid fanbase yet in 2016 the band is down to 1/2 of it’s original line up which creates some noticeable differences.  I can’t stress enough how perfect Gary Holt is for Slayer; his solo’s and overall playing style fit Slayer perfectly.

 Gary wore black sweat bands on both arms; one side said “Slayer” while the other said “Exodus” and he showed off his “Blood” guitar a fair amount.  The guitar you see pictured in this review was painted with Gary’s actual blood!

 As far as the set list goes, Slayer played a hand full of new stuff, all the classics, and every fan left happy.

 Interesting side note; John Gallagher from RAVEN and Bill Steer from Carcass were standing in the crowd to watch Slayer’s set and no one even realized they were there!

Author: Bob Suehs